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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Sep-2019Influence of Titanium Diboride Particle Size on Structure and Mechanical Properties of an Al-Mg AlloyKhrustalyov, AP; Kozulin, AA; Zhukov, IA; Khmeleva, MG; Vorozhtsov, AB; Eskin, D; Chankitmunkong, S; Platov, VV; Vasilyev, SV
29-Nov-2019Microstructure evolution and mechanical properties of new die-cast Al-Si-Mg-Mn alloysCai, Q; Mendis, CL; Chang, ITH; Fan, Z
19-Oct-2019Simulation of char-pellet combustion and sodium release inside porous char using lattice Boltzmann methodLiu, YZ; Xia, J; Wan, KD; Vervisch, L; Wang, ZH; Zhao, H; Cen, KF
8-Nov-2019Investigation on the material removal and surface roughness in ultraprecision machining of Al/B<inf>4</inf>C/50p metal matrix compositesNiu, Z; Cheng, K
9-Dec-2019Structure modification upon ultrasonic processing of an AA4032 piston alloy: comparison of permanent mold and direct-chill castingChankitmunkong, S; Eskin, D; Limmaneevichitr, C
4-Oct-2019Towards industrial Al-Nb-B master alloys for grain refining Al-Si alloysBozoni, L; Nadendla, H-B
2019Cost-effectiveness of two long-lasting insecticidal nets delivery models in mass campaign in rural MozambiqueArroz, JAH; Candrinho, B; Mendis, C; Lopez, M; Martins, MDRO
17-Jul-2019Dynamics of Anisotropic Break‐Up in Nanowires of FCC Lattice StructureGorshkov, VN; Sareh, P; Tereshchuk, VV; Soleiman‐Fallah, A
20-Dec-2019Characterization of Ultrasonic Bubble Clouds in A Liquid Metal by Synchrotron X-ray High Speed Imaging and Statistical AnalysisWang, C; Connolley, T; Tzanakis, I; Eskin, D; Mi, J
6-May-2016Flow boiling of self-rewetting 1-butanol/water mixture in a square microchannelKarayiannis, T; Vasileiadou, P; Sefiane, K