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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Six-dimensional space-time from quaternionic quantum mechanicsBrody, DC; Graefe, E-M
2005Twistor cosmology and quantum space-timeHughston, LP; Brody, DC
2002Complex extension of quantum mechanicsBrody, DC; Bender, CM; Jones, HF
2015Pricing of defaultable bonds with random information flowBrody, DC; Law, YT
2005Microcanonical distributions for quantum systemsBrody, DC; Hook, DW; Hughston, LP
2005Solvable model of quantum microcanonical statesBender, CM; Brody, DC; Hook, DW
2016Social discounting and the long rate of interestBrody, DC; Hughston, LP
2001Martingale models for quantum state reductionAdler, SL; Brody, DC; Brun, TA; Hughston, LP
2016Geometric aspects of space-time reflection symmetry in quantum mechanicsBrody, DC; Bender, CM; Hughston, LP; Meister, BK
2016Thermodynamics of quantum heat bathBrody, DC; Hughston, LP