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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2018Computational intelligence modelling of pharmaceutical tabletting processes using bio-inspired optimization algorithmsZawbaa, HM; Schiano, S; Perez-Gandarillas, L; Grosan, C; Michrafy, A; Wu, CY
29-Sep-2016Event-Triggered Mean-Square Consensus Control for Time-Varying Stochastic Multi-Agent System with Sensor SaturationsMa, L; Wang, Z; Lam, HK
Jan-2019State estimation under false data injection attacks: Security analysis and system protectionHu, L; Wang, Z; Han, QL; Liu, X
2020Knowledge-driven deep neural network models for brain tumour segmentationColecchia, F; Ruffle, J; Pombo, G; Gray, R; Hyare, H; Nachev, P
27-Oct-2016Particle filtering with applications in networked systems: a surveyLi, W; Wang, Z; Yuan, Y; Guo, L
22-Oct-2020A WEAP-based Framework for the Long-term Prediction of Urban Water Demand and SupplySaleem, A; Mahmood Qureshi Hashmi, I; Sarjoughian, H; Nasir, HA; Waqar Malik, A
2020Higher resolution input image of convolutional neural network of reinforced concrete earthquake-generated crack classification and localizationSadrawi, M; Husaini; Yunus, J; Irwansyah; Abbod, MF; Shieh, JS
26-Dec-2019Self-perceptions of Airbnb hosts’ responsibility: a moral identity perspectiveFarmaki, A; Stergiou, D; Kaniadakis, A
5-Jun-2020Power dynamics in peer-to-peer accommodation: Insights from Airbnb hostsFarmaki, A; Kaniadakis, A
May-2014Innovating Financial Information Infrastructures: The Transition of Legacy Assets to the Securitization MarketKaniadakis, A; Constantinides, P