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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-May-2016Do personality and culture influence perceived video quality and enjoyment?Scott, MJ; Guntuku, SC; Lin, W; Ghinea, G
20-Nov-2019Do I Smell Coffee? The Tale of a 360° Mulsemedia ExperienceComsa, IS; Saleme, EB; Covaci, A; Assres, GM; Trestian, R; Saibel Santos, CA; Ghinea, G
10-Oct-2020The influence of human factors on 360<sup>∘</sup> mulsemedia QoESaleme, EB; Covaci, A; Assres, G; Comsa, IS; Trestian, R; Santos, CAS; Ghinea, G
Sep-2021Guest editorial: Cognitive models for peer to peer networking in 5G and beyond networks and systemsBudati, AK; Ghinea, G; Yadav, DK; Ranipet, HB
18-May-2020Outlier-Resistant Remote State Estimation for Recurrent Neural Networks with Mixed Time-DelaysLi, J; Wang, Z; Dong, H; Ghinea, G
29-Sep-2014Video summarization by group scoringDarabi, K; Ghinea, G
-Lightweight Object Detection Ensemble Framework for Autonomous Vehicles in Challenging Weather ConditionsWalambe, R; Marathe, A; Kotecha, K; Ghinea, G
10-Mar-2021Cascaded complementary filter architecture for sensor fusion in attitude estimationNarkhede, P; Poddar, S; Walambe, R; Ghinea, G; Kotecha, K
8-Dec-2021Content-rich and Expansive Virtual Environments Using Passive Props As World AnchorsWheeler, SG; Hoermann, S; Lindeman, RW; Ghinea, G; Covaci, A
19-Mar-2020Using olfactory media cues in e-learning – perspectives from an empirical investigationAlkasasbeh, AA; Ghinea, G