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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A framework for pathologies of message sequence chartsDan, H; Hierons, RM; Counsell, S
2014The oracle problem when testing from MSCsDan, H; Hierons, RM
2017Parallel algorithms for generating distinguishing sequences for observable non-deterministic FSMsHierons, RM; Turker, UC
2017How to manage a conference special issueHierons, RM
2014Combining centralised and distributed testingHierons, RM
2016Hardness of deriving invertible sequences from finite state machinesHierons, RM; Mousavi, MR; Thomsen, MK; Türker, UC
2018Smart Contracts Vulnerabilities: A Call for Blockchain Software Engineering?Destefanis, G; Marchesi, M; Ortu, M; Tonelli, R; Bracciali, A; Hierons, RM
2010Checking experiments for stream X-machinesHierons, RM
2011Oracles for distributed testingHierons, RM
2011Automated metamorphic testing on the analyses of feature modelsSegura, S; Hierons, RM; Benavides, D; Ruiz-Cortes, A