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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Retinal blood vessels extraction using probabilistic modellingKaba, D; Wang, C; Li, Y; Salazar-Gonzalez, A; Liu, X; Serag, A
2014A survey on gain-scheduled control and filtering for parameter-varying systemsWei, G; Wang, Z; Li, W; Ma, L
2014Filtering and control for unreliable communication: The discrete-time caseWei, G; Ma, L; Wang, Z
2014Performance analysis with network-enhanced complexities: On fading measurements, event-triggered mechanisms, and cyber attacksDing, D; Wang, Z; Dong, H; Liu, Y; Ahmad, B
2014Whole population management of patients with diabetesClarke, M; Fursse, J; Gokalp, H; Sharma, U; Jones, RW
2014Quality of experience study for multiple sensorial media deliveryYuan, Z; Ghinea, G; Muntean, G-M
2014Distributed multiscale computing with MUSCLE 2, the Multiscale Coupling Library and EnvironmentBorgdorff, J; Mamonski, M; Bosak, B; Kurowski, K; Ben Belgacem, M; Chopard, B; Groen, D; Coveney, PV; Hoekstra, AG
2014The influence of electronic-word-of-mouth on consumer decision-making for beauty products in a Kuwaiti Women's online communityAlhaidari, N; Coughlan, J
2014Survey of multiscale and multiphysics applications and communitiesGroen, D; Zasada, SJ; Coveney, PV
2014The Physics of the B FactoriesBevan, AJ; Golob, B; Mannel, T; Prell, S; Yabsley, BD; Aihara, H; Anulli, F; Arnaud, N; Aushev, T; Beneke, M; Beringer, J; Bianchi, F; Bigi, II; Bona, M; Brambilla, N; Brodzicka, J; Chang, P; Charles, MJ; Cheng, CH; Cheng, HY; Chistov, R; Colangelo, P; Coleman, JP; Drutskoy, A; Druzhinin, VP; Eidelman, S; Eigen, G; Eisner, AM; Faccini, R; Flood, KT; Gambino, P; Gaz, A; Gradl, W; Hayashii, H; Higuchi, T; Hulsbergen, WD; Hurth, T; Iijima, T; Itoh, R; Jackson, PD; Kass, R; Kolomensky, YG; Kou, E; Križan, P; Kronfeld, A; Kumano, S; Kwon, YJ; Latham, TE; Leith, DWGS; Lüth, V; Martinez-Vidal, F; Meadows, BT; Mussa, R; Nakao, M; Nishida, S; Ocariz, J; Olsen, SL; Pakhlov, P; Pakhlova, G; Palano, A; Pich, A; Playfer, S; Poluektov, A; Porter, FC; Robertson, SH; Roney, JM; Roodman, A; Sakai, Y; Schwanda, C; Schwartz, AJ; Seidl, R; Sekula, SJ; Steinhauser, M; Sumisawa, K; Swanson, ES; Tackmann, F; Trabelsi, K; Uehara, S; Uno, S; van de Water, R; Vasseur, G; Verkerke, W