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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Jul-2020Structure-based enzyme engineering improves donor-substrate recognition of Arabidopsis thaliana GlycosyltransferasesAkere, A; Chen, SH; Liu, X; Chen, Y; Dantu, SC; Pandini, A; Bhowmik, D; Haider, S
5-Jan-2021Probability-Guaranteed Distributed Filtering for Nonlinear Systems with Innovation Constraints over Sensor NetworksMa, L; Wang, Z; Chen, Y; Yi, X
14-Jul-2021Probability-Guaranteed Distributed Secure Estimation for Nonlinear Systems over Sensor Networks under Deception Attacks on InnovationsMa, L; Wang, Z; Chen, Y; Yi, X
10-Feb-2021A Dynamic Event-Triggered Approach to Recursive Nonfragile Filtering for Complex Networks With Sensor Saturations and Switching TopologiesWang, S; Wang, Z; Dong, H; Chen, Y
25-Jun-2021Local Stabilization for Multiple Input-Delay Systems subject to Saturating Actuators: The Continuous-time CaseChen, Y; Wang, Z; Shen, B; Han, QL
10-Jun-2020Synchronization Control for Discrete-Time-Delayed Dynamical Networks with Switching Topology under Actuator SaturationsChen, Y; Wang, Z; Hu, J; Han, QL
28-Apr-2020Local Stabilization for Discrete-Time Systems with Distributed State Delay and Fast-Varying Input Delay under Actuator SaturationsChen, Y; Wang, Z
15-Jul-2020Finite-Horizon H<inf>∞</inf>State Estimation for Stochastic Coupled Networks with Random Inner Couplings Using Round-Robin ProtocolChen, Y; Wang, Z; Wang, L; Sheng, W
31-Aug-2021Event-Triggered Recursive State Estimation for Stochastic Complex Dynamical Networks Under Hybrid AttacksChen, Y; Meng, X; Wang, Z; Dong, H
12-Aug-2021Neural-Network-Based Set-Membership Fault Estimation for 2-D Systems Under Encoding-Decoding MechanismZhu, K; Wang, Z; Chen, Y; Wei, G