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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Jul-2020Structure-based enzyme engineering improves donor-substrate recognition of Arabidopsis thaliana GlycosyltransferasesAkere, A; Chen, SH; Liu, X; Chen, Y; Dantu, SC; Pandini, A; Bhowmik, D; Haider, S
1-Aug-2020Culture versus Policy: More Global Collaboration to Effectively Combat COVID-19Li, J; Guo, K; Viedma, EH; Lee, H; Liu, J; Zhong, N; Autran Monteiro Gomes, LF; Filip, FG; Fang, S-C; Özdemir, MS; Liu, X; Lu, G; Shi, Y
2020Angle-Based Crowding Degree Estimation for Many-Objective OptimizationXue, Y; Li, M; Liu, X
2-Apr-2020A Hybrid Model- And Memory-Based Collaborative Filtering Algorithm for Baseline Data Prediction of Friedreich's Ataxia PatientsYue, W; Wang, Z; Tian, B; Pook, M; Liu, X
5-Jan-2021Task Allocation on Layered Multi-Agent Systems: When Evolutionary Many-Objective Optimization Meets Deep Q-LearningLi, M; Wang, Z; Li, K; Liao, X; Hone, K; Liu, X
8-Jan-2021Set-Membership Filtering Subject to Impulsive Measurement Outliers: A Recursive AlgorithmZou, L; Wang, Z; Geng, H; Liu, X
19-Feb-2021An Overview of Recommendation Techniques and Their Applications in HealthcareYue, W; Wang, Z; Zhang, J; Liu, X
29-Jul-2021An improved generative adversarial network with modified loss function for crack detection in electromagnetic nondestructive testingTian, L; Wang, Z; Liu, W; Cheng, Y; Alsaadi, FE; Liu, X
25-Jun-2021Multi-task Pruning via Filter Index Sharing: A Many-Objective Optimization ApproachCheng, H; Wang, Z; Ma, L; Liu, X; Wei, Z
19-Aug-2020Nonfragile H<inf>∞</inf>State Estimation for Recurrent Neural Networks with Time-Varying Delays: On Proportional-Integral Observer DesignZhao, D; Wang, Z; Wei, G; Liu, X