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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Jan-2022Harnessing Large-Scale Herbarium Image Datasets Through Representation LearningWalker, BE; Tucker, A; Nicolson, N
25-Feb-2022PathDetect-SOM: A Neural Network Approach for the Identification of Pathways in Ligand Binding SimulationsMotta, S; Callea, L; Bonati, L; Pandini, A
4-Mar-2022A Workflow Architecture for Cloud-Based Distributed SimulationChaudhry, NR; Anagnostou, A; Taylor, SJE
15-Mar-2022Can e-Learning Enable the Transition to University for Computing and Electronic Engineering Students from Low Socio-Economic Status? A Socio-Cultural ApproachKaniadakis, A; Padumadasa, E
4-Mar-2022Dynamic Evaluation of Microservice Granularity AdaptationHassan, S; Bahsoon, R; Minku, L; Ali, N
14-Mar-2022Identifying Latent Variables in Dynamic Bayesian Networks with Bootstrapping Applied to Type 2 Diabetes Complication PredictionLeila, Y; Tucker, A
16-Mar-2022Examining Potential of Scents for Enhancement of User Performance with Mobile AppsCaro-Alvaro, S; Alkasasbeh, AA; Garcia-Lopez, E; Garcia-Cabot, A; Rozinaj, G; Ghinea, G
15-Apr-2022Why ‘one size fits all’ is not enough when designing COVID-19 immunity certificates for domestic use: a UK-wide cross-sectional online surveyNiculaescu, C-E; Sassoon, I; Landa-Avila, C; Colak, O; Jun, GT; Balatsoukas, P
4-Feb-2022Explainable AI techniques with application to NBA gameplay predictionWang, Y; Liu, W; Liu, X
10-Feb-2022Joint State and Fault Estimation of Complex Networks under Measurement Saturations and Stochastic NonlinearitiesLiu, Y; Wang, Z; Zou, L; Zhou, D; Chen, W-H