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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Advanced interaction paradigms to define smart visit experiences in the internet of things eraArdito, C; Malizia, A; Desolda, G; Matera, M; Lanzilotti, R
2017A fuzzy load balancer for adaptive fault tolerance management in cloud platformsArabnejad, H; Pahl, C; Estrada, G; Samir, A; Fowley, F
12-Mar-2018Hidden variables in a Dynamic Bayesian Network identify ecosystem level changeUusitalo, L; Tomczak, MT; Müller-Karulis, B; Putnis, I; Trifonova, N; Tucker, A
5-Jul-2018Event-Based Distributed Filtering over Markovian Switching TopologiesLiu, Q; Wang, Z; He, X; Zhou, D
22-Aug-2019Reducing procrastination while improving performance: A Wiki-powered Experiment with StudentsBalderas, A; Capiluppi, A; Palomo-Duarte, M; Malizia, A; Dodero, JM
3-Oct-2019Locating bug IDs and development logs in open source software (OSS) projects: An experience reportRomo, BA; Capiluppi, A; Ali, A
28-Oct-2018Dynamic implicit muscles for character skinningRoussellet, V; Abu Rumman, N; Canezin, F; Mellado, N; Kavan, L; Barthe, L
5-Sep-2019Blockchain: A panacea for electronic health records?Kassab, M; Defranco, J; Malas, T; Graciano Neto, VV; Destefanis, G
2019Multi-task learning with a natural metric for quantitative structure activity relationship learningSadawi, N; Olier, I; Vanschoren, J; van Rijn, J; Besnard, J; Bickerton, R; Grosan, C; Soldatova, L; King, R
17-Jan-2017Variance-Constrained Distributed Filtering for Time-Varying Systems With Multiplicative Noises and Deception Attacks Over Sensor NetworksMa, L; Wang, Z; Han, QL; Lam, HK
8-Jun-2019A coupled food security and refugee movement model for the south Sudan conflictCampos, CV; Suleimenova, D; Groen, D
2016Activity testing model for automatic correction of hand pointingSong, Y; Sun, Y; Zhang, H; Wang, F
16-Oct-2019Retinal Layer Segmentation in Optical Coherence Tomography ImagesDodo, BI; Li, Y; Kaba, D; Liu, X
21-Oct-2019Personas Design For Conversational Systems In EducationAmer Jid Almahri, F; Bell, D; Arzoky, M
2014Particle-level kinematic fingerprints and the multiplicity of neutral particles from low-energy strong interactionsColecchia, F
4-Oct-2019Modelling and performance analysis of a supercritical CO2 system for high temperature industrial heat to power conversion at off-design conditionsMarchionni, M; Bianchi, G; Sayad Saravi, S; Tassou, SA
9-Mar-2018Target Tracking for Wireless Localization Systems with Degraded Measurements and Quantization EffectsBai, X; Wang, Z; Zou, L; Cheng, C
29-Sep-2019A Shallow Parsing Approach to Natural Language Queries of a DatabaseSkeggs, R; Lauria, S
2019The Prevalence of Errors in Machine Learning ExperimentsShepperd, M; Guo, Y; Li, N; Arzoky, M; Capiluppi, A; Counsell, S; Destefanis, G; Swift, S; Tucker, A; Yousefi, L
13-Nov-2019Automatic Annotation of Retinal Layers in Optical Coherence Tomography ImagesDodo, B; Li, Y; Eltayef, K; Liu, X
6-Jul-2018User Centred Design of Social Signals Feedback for Communication Skills TrainingPereira, M; Colecchia, F; Hone, K
5-Aug-2019On the Relationship Between Coupling and Refactoring: An Empirical ViewpointCounsell, S; Arzoky, M; Destefanis, G; Taibi, D
22-Aug-2019Exploring Research in Blockchain for Healthcare and a Roadmap for the FutureKassab, M; DeFranco, J; Malas, T; Laplante, P; Destefanis, G; Valdemar Vicente Graciano, N
2019Enabling Sustainable Primary Healthcare Access through an Informal Use of Mobile Phones in Plural Health SystemsSam, S
29-Jul-2019One-Dimensional Modelling of a Trilateral Flash Cycle System with Two-Phase Twin-Screw Expanders for Industrial Low-Grade Heat to Power ConversionBianchi, G; Tassou, S
28-Jul-2019Numerical modelling and transient analysis of a printed circuit heat exchanger used as recuperator for supercritical CO2 heat to power conversion systemsBianchi, G; Chai, L; Tassou, S
9-Jul-2019A cross-cultural study of the intention to use mobile banking between Lebanese and British consumers: Extending UTAUT2 with security, privacy and trustMerhi, M; Hone, K; Tarhini, A
1-Jan-2019Shared mental models as a way of managing transparency in complex human-autonomy teamingScali, G; Macredie, RD
2018A threshold-parameter-dependent approach to designing distributed event-triggered H <inf>∞</inf> consensus filters over sensor networksGe, X; Han, QL; Wang, Z
17-Oct-2017A generalized simulation development approach for predicting refugee destinationsSuleimenova, D; Bell, D; Groen, D
2019Multilayer haptic feedback for pen-based tablet interactionKruijff, E; Biswas, S; Trepkowski, C; Maiero, J; Ghinea, G; Stuerzlinger, W
15-Mar-2019A Survey on Model-Based Distributed Control and Filtering for Industrial Cyber-Physical SystemsDing, D; Han, QL; Wang, Z; Ge, X
5-Jun-2018Input-to-State Stabilization in Probability for Nonlinear Stochastic Systems under Quantization Effects and Communication ProtocolsLi, B; Wang, Z; Han, QL; Liu, H
4-May-2018Recursive Filtering for Time-Varying Systems with Random Access ProtocolZou, L; Wang, Z; Han, QL; Zhou, D
2-Jun-2019Using eye tracking and heart-rate activity to examine crossmodal correspondences QoE in MulsemediaMesfin, G; Hussain, N; Covaci, A; Ghinea, G
20-Jun-2017Can multisensorial media improve learner experience?Zou, L; Tal, I; Covaci, A; Ibarrola, E; Ghinea, G; Muntean, GM
10-Jul-2017A comparison of reinforcement learning techniques for fuzzy cloud auto-scalingArabnejad, H; Pahl, C; Jamshidi, P; Estrada, G
8-Jun-2019Introducing VECMAtk - Verification, Validation and Uncertainty Quantification for Multiscale and HPC SimulationsGroen, D; Richardson, RA; Wright, DW; Jancauskas, V; Sinclair, R; Karlshoefer, P; Vassaux, M; Arabnejad, H; Piontek, T; Kopta, P; Bosak, B; Lakhlili, J; Hoenen, O; Suleimenova, D; Edeling, W; Crommelin, D; Nikishova, A; Coveney, PV
2019guidetomeasure-OT: A mobile 3D application to improve the accuracy, consistency, and efficiency of clinician-led home-based falls-risk assessmentsHamm, J; Money, A; Atwal, A
6-Jun-2019Moving Object Detection using Adaptive Blind Update and RGB-D CameraLauria, S; Swift, S; dorudian, N
27-May-2018Poster: Bridging effort-Aware prediction and strong classification: A just-in-Time software defect prediction studyGuo, Y; Shepperd, M; Li, N
24-Jan-2019Opening the Black Box: Discovering and Explaining Hidden Variables in Type 2 Diabetic Patient ModellingYousefi, L; Swift, S; Arzoky, M; Saachi, L; Chiovato, L; Tucker, A
26-Jun-2019Numerical CFD Simulations and Indicated Pressure Measurements on a Sliding Vane Expander for Heat to Power Conversion ApplicationsBianchi, G
2019Applying the Stress guidelines for reproducibility in modeling & Simulation: Application to a disease modeling case studyTaylor, SJE; Anagnostou, A; Monks, T; Currie, C; Onggo, BS; Kunc, M; Robinson, S
2016The impact of big data on M&S: Do we need to get "big"?Taylor, SJE
2019Crisis, what crisis - Does reproducibility in modeling & simulation really matter?Taylor, SJE; Eldabi, T; Monks, T; Rabe, M; Uhrmacher, AM
2017Timed runtime monitoring for multiparty conversationsNeykova, R; Bocchi, L; Yoshida, N
2017Let it recover: Multiparty protocol-induced recoveryNeykova, R; Yoshida, N
2-May-2019Mid-Air Haptic Interfaces for Interactive Digital Signage and KiosksGeorgiou, O; Limerick, H; Corenthy, L; Maksymenko, M; Frish, S; Kim, JR; Perry, MJ; Müller, J; Bachynskyi, M
Sep-2017A tutorial for olfaction-based multisensorial media application design and evaluationMurray, N; Ademoye, OA; Ghinea, G; Muntean, GM
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 51 to 100 of 1623