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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Mar-2019The effect of online effort and reputation of physicians on patients' choice: 3-Wave data analysis of China's Good Doctor website.Deng, Z; Hong, Z; Zhang, W; Evans, R; Chen, Y
25-Jan-2018Unhappy patients are not alike: Content analysis of the negative comments from China's good doctor websiteZhang, W; Deng, Z; Hong, Z; Evans, R; Ma, J; Zhang, H
5-Jun-2018Visualizing collaboration characteristics and topic burst on international mobile health research: Bibliometric analysisShen, L; Xiong, B; Li, W; Lan, F; Evans, R; Zhang, W
2019How professional capital and team heterogeneity affect the demands of online team-based medical serviceLi, J; Wu, H; Deng, Z; Lu, N; Evans, R; Xia, C
9-Aug-2018Social media landscape of the tertiary referral hospitals in China: Observational descriptive studyZhang, W; Deng, Z; Evans, R; Xiang, F; Ye, Q; Zeng, R
16-Sep-2019A tool path optimization approach based on blend feature simplification for multi-cavity machining of complex partsXin, Y; Yang, S; Wang, G; Evans, R; Wu, F
4-Dec-2019Pregnancy-related information seeking and sharing in the social media era among expectant mothers in China: Qualitative studyZhu, C; Zeng, R; Zhang, W; Evans, R; He, R
27-Dec-2019How Health Communication via Tik Tok Makes a Difference: A Content Analysis of Tik Tok Accounts Run by Chinese Provincial Health CommitteesZhu, C; Xu, X; Zhang, W; Chen, J; Evans, R
9-Dec-2019Understanding the function constitution and influence factors on communication for the WeChat official account of top tertiary hospitals in China: Cross-sectional studyShen, L; Wang, S; Chen, W; Fu, Q; Evans, R; Lan, F; Li, W; Xu, J; Zhang, Z
Jun-2016Crowdsourcing User-Contributed Solutions to Aerospace Product Development Issues through Micro-BloggingEvans, R; Gao, JX; Mahdikhah, S; Messaadia, M; Baudry, D