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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Inclusive design research in actionDong, H
5-Aug-2016Automotive Habitat Laboratory: a facility for automotive co-designGkatzidou, V; Giacomin, J; Skrypchuk, L
Aug-2020Co-design visions of public makerspaces in chinaLam, B; Choi, Y; Chen, X; De Sousa, S; Liu, L; Ni, M
2-Feb-2021Relational identities: how service co- design can help improve the minority experience and becoming ourselvesBalezdrova, N; Choi, Y; Lam, B
22-May-2018Design and Creative Methods as a Practice of Liminality in Community-Academic Research ProjectsLam, B; Phillips, M; Kelemen, M; Zamenopoulos, T; Moffat, S; de Sousa, S
2-Sep-2019Fostering creative citizens in China through co-design and public makerspacesChen, X; Lam, B; Choi, Y
8-Jun-2022Making and Makerspaces: Exploring community centres as creative hubs in ChinaChoi, Y; Lam, B; Chen, X; de Sousa, S; Liu, L; Ni, M
3-Apr-2022Co-Design Visions of Public Makerspaces in ChinaChoi, Y; Lam, B; Chen, X; de Sousa, S; Liu, L; Ni, M
21-Feb-2022Fostering creativity through co-design and making: Case studies of makerspaces in the UKLam, B; Choi, Y; Chen, X; Ni, M; de Sousa, S
31-Aug-2022Design with and by Marginalized People in Humanitarian MakerspacesCorsini, L; Jagtap, S; Moultrie, J