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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A Taxonomy of Design Features for Additive ManufactureMaidin, S; Pei, E; Campbell, RI
28-Jun-2017Lightweight parametric design optimization for 4D printed partsPaz, R; Pei, E; Monzón, M; Ortega, F; Suárez, L
2019How professional capital and team heterogeneity affect the demands of online team-based medical serviceLi, J; Wu, H; Deng, Z; Lu, N; Evans, R; Xia, C
12-Jul-2019Development and techno-economic analyses of a novel hydrogen production process via chemical loopingBahzad, H; Shah, N; Dowell, NM; Boot-Handford, M; Soltani, SM; Ho, M; Fennell, PS
2017Collaborative CurriculaAbdulla, D
2019Designing branded atmospheres: nature-inspired, multisensory spatial brand experiences for consumer electronics retail storesMalbasic, M; Choi, Y
2016Embedding smart materials into products to motivate the user: Flexers, a smarter approach to finger splintingAjovalasit, M; Micocci, M; Adam, R
1-Jan-2020Virtual workshops on the road: Co-designing with drivers, within context in real-timede la Flor Aceituno, D; Giacomin, J; Malizia, A; Skrypchuk, L
15-May-2019TAPESTRY: A Blockchain based Service for Trusted Interaction OnlineYang, Y; Cooper, D; Collomosse, J; Dr˘agan, CC; Manulis, M; Manohar, A; Steane, J; Briggs, J; Jones, H; Moncur, W
9-Aug-2018Social media landscape of the tertiary referral hospitals in China: Observational descriptive studyZhang, W; Deng, Z; Evans, R; Xiang, F; Ye, Q; Zeng, R