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Title: From dishwasher to tap? Xenobiotic substances benzotriazole and tolyltriazole in the environment
Authors: Janna, H
Scrimshaw, MD
Williams, RJ
Churchley, J
Sumpter, JP
Keywords: Benzotriazole;Tolyltriazole;Toxicology;Environmental contamination
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Citation: Environmental Science & Technology, 45(9), 3858 - 3864, May 2011
Abstract: There is increasing evidence that the use of chemicals frequently results in widespread environmental contamination with little understanding of the toxicological implications. Benzotriazoles are used in, amongst other applications, dishwashing formulations for home use, and are a class of chemicals recently reported to be present in European waters. This study demonstrates their presence in UK wastewaters, rivers and drinking water. It also estimates that their use as silver polishing agents in dishwasher tablets and powders may account for a significant proportion of inputs to wastewaters. The lack of a complete set of good quality (eco)toxicological data on possible chronic effects of these high use chemicals should caution against using them in a manner which may have contributed to such widespread environmental contamination.
Description: This document is the unedited author's version of a Submitted Work that was subsequently accepted for publication in Environmental Science & Technology
ISSN: 0013-936X
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