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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010The “abuse of right” in EU company law and EU tax law: A re-reading of the ECJ case-law and the quest for a unitary notionCerioni, L
2014Academic work and proletarianisation: A study of higher education-based teacher educatorsEllis, V; McNicholl, J; Blake, A; McNally, J
2010Accelerated hardware video object segmentation: From foreground detection to connected components labellingAppiah, K; Hunter, A; Dickinson, P; Meng, H
2005Accelerating XML structural join by partitioningTang, N; Yu, JX; Wong, KF; Lü, K; Li, J
2006An access-control policy based on sharing resource management for a multi-domains environmentZhu, H; Duan, S; Hong, F; Lü, K
2009Accessibility and urban design - Knowledge mattersEvans, G
2012Accessing accessibilityTyler, N; Brunel Institute for Ageing Studies (BIAS) Annual Conference 2012
2015Accessing personal medical records online: a means to what ends?Shah, SGS; Fitton, R; Hannan, A; Fisher, B; Young, T, et al
2009Accessing user information for use in designMcGinley, C; Dong, H
2004Access to land in affected Southern African Development Community (SADC) statesChigara, B
2005Accommodating disability in higher education: a closer look at the evidence for a mainstream framework of learning supportWright, BC
2010Accounting for hospices: Palliative care at riskTheodosopoulos, G; Haslam, C
2013Accounting for immunoprecipitation efficiencies in the statistical analysis of ChIP-seq dataBao, Y; Vinciotti, V; Wit, E; 't Hoen, PAC
2013Accounting for the determinants of banks’ credit ratingsHassan, OAG; Barrell, R
2010Accounting for the open method of coordination: Can 'old' theories on European integration explain 'new' forms of integrationsWarleigh-Lack, A; Drachenberg, Ralf
2011Accounting for the recognition of information as an assetEl Tawy, NAH; Abdel-Kader, M
1987Accounting for transsexualismTully, James Bryan
2014Accounting quality across different groups of firms under differential reporting framework: UK evidenceSkerratt, L; Collis, J; Liu, Siming
2004Accreditation of practice educators: An expectation too far ?Craik, C; McIntyre, A; Gallagher, M
1976The accurate numerical inversion of laplace transformsTablot, A