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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015E-learning object repository system for sharing learning objects among Saudi universitiesAlanazi, Ayidh
2014E-learning repository system for sharing learning resources among saudi universitiesAlanazi, A; Abbod, M
2017Electroencephalogram Similarity Analysis using Temporal and Spectral Dynamics Analysis for Propofol and Desflurane Induced UnconsciousnessLiu, Q; Ma, L; Fan, S-Z; Abbod, M; Shieh, J-S
2015An electronic financial system adviser for investors: the case of Saudi ArabiaAldaarmi, Abdulaziz Adel Abdulaziz
2017Energy efficiency maximisation in large scale MIMO systemsPanneer Selvan, Vaina Malar
2017Energy-efficient routing protocols for heterogeneous wireless sensor networks with smart buildings evacuationAl-Aboody, Nadia Ali Qassim
2016Enhanced root extraction and document classification algorithm for Arabic textAlsaad, Amal
2016Enhanced topic identification algorithm for Arabic corporaAlsaad, A; Abbod, M
2016Ensemble empirical mode decomposition applied for PPG motion artifactAbbod, M
2018Ensemble Genetic Fuzzy Neuro Model Applied for The Emergency Medical Service via Unbalanced Data EvaluationSadwari, M; Sun, W-Z; Ma, M; Yeh, Y; Abbod, M; Shieh, J-S
2018Estimating power factor of induction motors at any loading conditions using support vector regression (SVR)Khodapanah, M; Zobaa, AF; Abbod, M
2016Estimating power factor of induction motors using regression techniqueKhodapanah, M; Zobaa, AF; Abbod, M
2015Evaluation and classification of power quality disturbances based on discrete Wavelet transform and artificial neural networksAlshahrani, S; Abbod, M; Alamri, B; Taylor, G
2015Financial engineering modelling using computational intelligent techniques: Financial time series predictionAlhnaity, Bashar
2018Frontal EEG Temporal and Spectral Dynamics Similarity Analysis between Propofol and Desflurane Induced Anesthesia using Hilbert-Huang TransformLiu, Q; Ma, L; Fan, S-Z; Abbod, M; Ai, Q; Chen, K; Shieh, J-S
2016Granular computing approach for intelligent classifier designAl-Shammaa, Mohammed
2017HRV-derived data similarity and distribution index based on ensemble neural network for measuring depth of anaesthesiaLiu, Q; Chiu, R; Fan, S; Abbod, M; shieh, J
2012Hybrid biomedical intelligent systemsAbbod, M; Shieh, J-S; Lam, H-K
2017Hybrid control schemes for permanent magnet synchronous generator wind turbinesAl-Toma, Ahmed Selman Hadi
2016Hybrid intelligent decision support system for distributed detection based on ad hoc integrated WSN & RFIDAlshahrany, Falah