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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Collaborative supply chain modelling and performance measurementAngerhofer, Bernhard J
2005COSMOS-7: Video-oriented MPEG-7 scheme for modelling and filtering of semantic contentAngelides, MC; Agius, HW
2009Dynamic selection of a video content adaptation strategy from a Pareto frontSofokleous, AA; Angelides, MC
2006Enriching MPEG-7 user models with content metadataAngelides, MC; Agius, HW
2010Highly automated method for facial expression synthesisErsotelos, Nikolaos
2011Image based human body rendering via regression & MRF energy minimizationLi, Xinfeng
2002An interactive multimedia learning environment for VLSI built with COSMOSAngelides, MC; Agius, HW
2003M-commerce perceptual quality of serviceAngelides, MC; Ghinea, G
2013MC2: A framework and service for MPEG-7 content-modelling communitiesAgius, H; Angelides, MC; Zad, DD
2006An MPEG-7 scheme for semantic content modelling and filtering of digital videoAngelides, MC; Agius, HW
2003Multimedia content modeling and personalizationAngelides, MC
2017Optimisation of a propagation model for last mile connectivity with low altitude platforms using machine learningAlmalki, Faris Abdullah E
2018Reflective agents for personalisation in collaborative gamesDaylamani-Zad, D; Agius, H; Angelides, MC
2018A serious gaming approach to managing interference in ad hoc femtocell wireless networksAlotaibi, AA; Angelides, MC
2004A user perspective of quality of service in m-commerceGhinea, G; Angelides, MC
2018Wearable data analysis, visualisation and recommendations on the go using android middlewareAngelides, MC; Wilson, LAC; Echeverría, PLB
2007XML-based genetic rules for scene boundary detection in a parallel processing environmentParmar, MJ; Angelides, MC