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Title: An enhanced design of a 5G MIMO antenna for fixed wireless aerial access
Authors: Almalki, FA
Angelides, MC
Keywords: 5G MIMO antenna;tethered aerial aerostat;fixed wireless access
Issue Date: 10-Jul-2021
Publisher: Springer Nature
Citation: Almalki, F.A. and Angelides, M.C. (2021) 'An enhanced design of a 5G MIMO antenna for fixed wireless aerial access', Cluster Computing, 0, in press, (16 pp.). doi: 10.1007/s10586-021-03318-z.
Abstract: © The Author(s) 2021. A recent market prediction is that 5G Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) will more than double over the next five years and trials at the same period in London suggest promising results. However, the shift to 5G FWA has raised a new set of research challenges in relation to speed of deployment and re-deployment, coverage, power consumption, end user mobility and last mile connectivity, to name just a few, because of the much higher expectations. A recent review reveals that key 5G Physical Layer technologies that will enable wide mobile and FWA have not kept up pace. In response to some of those research challenges, this paper presents the design of a 5G Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) Antenna that is mounted on a tethered aerostat, and the combination of which serves as a 5G FWA aerial station. The antenna design features several novelties and the aerial station can provide last mile connectivity to a wide coverage footprint, with moderate power consumption and operating at high speeds. Both the evaluation of the antenna performance using several key performance indicators and the validation of the aerial station as a 5G FWA in a wireless sensor network (WSN) proof-of-concept application reveal efficiency gains.
ISSN: 1386-7857
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