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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Designing an information system for updating land records in Bangladesh: action design ethnographic research (ADER)Brooks, L; Alam, MS
2007Development of a change framework to study SME web site evolutionAlonso Mendo, Fernando
2011Emergent culture in global IS/IT outsourcingTsotra, Danai
2016Entanglements in the E-service of land record in Bangladesh: an action design ethnographic studyAlam, Muhammad Shahanoor
2006Fuzzy cognitive map modelling the adoption of educational software in schoolsHossain, Sarmin
2018A mixed-method approach to investigate individual behaviour in online health communitiesTenuche, Bashir Sezuo
2009Multi-channel customer management: A case study in EgyptAli, M; Brooks, L
2016Perceptions of online fraud and the impact on the countermeasures for the control of online fraud in Saudi Arabian financial institutionsAlanezi, Faisal
2010A practice-based approach to examining knowledge management repository useWalsh, John Nicholas
2016Resource management in Big Data initiatives: processes and dynamic capabilitiesBraganza, A; Brooks, L; Nepelski, D; Ali, M; Moro, R
2008A situated cultural approach for cross-cultural studies in ISAli, M; Brooks, L
2016Trust as a source of long-term adoption of e-governmentAlbesher, Abdulaziz
2011Understanding innovators' experiences of barriers and facilitators in implementation and diffusion of healthcare service innovations: A qualitative studyBarnett, J; Vasileiou, K; Djemil, F; Brooks, L; Young, T
2014Understanding the introduction and use of a mobile device-supported health information system in NigeriaEzenwa, C; Brooks, L
2010Usability and credibility evaluation of electronic governments: users’ perspectiveHuang, Zhao