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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-May-2012Control-volume representation of molecular dynamicsSmith, ER; Heyes, DM; Dini, D; Zaki, TA
2020CPL library – a minimal framework for coupled particle and continuum simulationSmith, E; Trevelyan, D; Ramos-Fernandez, E; Sufian, A; O'Sullivan, C; Dini, D
13-Sep-2016Equilibrium fluctuations of liquid state static properties in a subvolume by molecular dynamicsHeyes, DM; Dini, D; Smith, ER
21-May-2018Incremental viscosity by non-equilibrium molecular dynamics and the Eyring modelHeyes, DM; Dini, D; Smith, ER
6-Apr-2022The Intrinsic Fragility of the Liquid-Vapor Interface: A Stress Network PerspectiveRahman, MR; Shen, L; Ewen, JP; Dini, D; Smith, ER
20-Jul-2021Molecular droplets vs bubbles: Effect of curvature on surface tension and Tolman lengthWen, J; Dini, D; Hu, H; Smith, ER
16-Jan-2017Nanowire Stretching by Non-Equilibrium Molecular DynamicsHeyes, DM; Dini, D; Smith, ER; Brańka, AC
17-Apr-2023Non-equilibrium molecular simulations of thin film ruptureRahman, MR; Shen, L; Ewen, JP; Collard, B; Heyes, DM; Dini, D; Smith, ER
7-May-2019Shear stress relaxation and diffusion in simple liquids by molecular dynamics simulations: Analytic expressions and paths to viscosityHeyes, DM; Smith, ER; Dini, D
19-May-2020Single trajectory transport coefficients and the energy landscape by molecular dynamics simulationsHeyes, DM; Dini, D; Smith, ER
10-May-2022Slip and stress from low shear rate nonequilibrium molecular dynamics: The transient-time correlation function techniqueMaffioli, L; Smith, ER; Ewen, JP; Daivis, PJ; Dini, D; Todd, BD
12-Aug-2020Statistical Analysis and Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Thermal Conductivity of Lennard–Jones Solids Including Their Pressure and Temperature DependenciesHeyes, DM; Dini, D; Smith, ER
14-Jun-2017Towards the Irving-Kirkwood limit of the mechanical stress tensorSmith, ER; Heyes, DM; Dini, D
15-Apr-2024TTCF4LAMMPS: A toolkit for simulation of the non-equilibrium behaviour of molecular fluids at experimentally accessible shear ratesMaffioli, L; Ewen, JP; Smith, ER; Varghese, S; Daivis, PJ; Dini, D; Todd, BD
17-Feb-2021Viscuit and the fluctuation theorem investigation of shear viscosity by molecular dynamics simulations: The information and the noiseHeyes, DM; Dini, D; Smith, ER