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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Ethical branding and corporate reputationFan, Y
2002Event sponsorship in ChinaFan, Y; Pfitzenmaier, N
4-Feb-2020A factorial Bayesian copula framework for partitioning uncertainties in multivariate risk inferenceFan, Y; Huang, K; Huang, GH; Li, YP
8-Dec-2022A factorial inexact copula stochastic programming (FICSP) approach for water-energy- food nexus system managementWang, Y; Lu, Y; Xu, Y; Zheng, L; Fan, Y
31-May-2019FCVLP: A fuzzy random conditional value-at-risk-based linear programming model for municipal solid waste managementWang, D; Kong, X; Zhao, S; Fan, Y
18-Jan-2022A Fuzzy-Interval Dynamic Optimization Model for Regional Water Resources Allocation under UncertaintySuo, M; Xia, F; Fan, Y
7-Sep-2018A generalized fuzzy chance-constrained energy systems planning model for Guangzhou, ChinaCai, M; Huang, G; Chen, J; Li, Y; Fan, Y
2000Global marketing or local marketing: the confusion about globalisationFan, Y; Jiang, F
2006The globalisation of Chinese brandsFan, Y
2008Guanxi and businessFan, Y
2007Guanxi, government and Corporate reputation in China: Lessons for international companiesFan, Y
2002Guanxi’s consequences: Personal gains at social costFan, Y
4-Apr-2023How Extreme Events in China Would Be Affected by Global Warming—Insights From a Bias-Corrected CMIP6 EnsembleGuo, J; Wang, X; Fan, Y; Liang, X; Jia, H; Liu, L
2004How to communicate your brand on the web: Standardise or localise?Fan, Y
2001How to reach 1.3bn consumers in China?Fan, Y; Pfitzenmaier, N
7-Dec-2018Hydrologic Impacts of Ensemble-RCM-Projected Climate Changes in the Athabasca River Basin, CanadaZhou, X; Huang, G; Piwowar, J; Fan, Y; Wang, X; Li, Z; Cheng, G
26-May-2018An Integrated Simulation, Inference and Optimization Approach for Groundwater Remediation with Two-Stage Health-Risk AssessmentYang, A; Yang, Q; Fan, Y; Suo, M; Fu, H; Liu, J; Lin, X
2009Internationalisation of Spanish fashion brand ZaraLopez, C; Fan, Y
2013An investigation into brand value dimensionality and its effects on loyalty: evidence from the high-tech brandscape in Saudi ArabiaAlMakrami, Ali Hussein
2000Is Corporate Communications A Strategic Function?Dolphin, R; Fan, Y