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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Research on joint ventures in China: progress and prognosisFan, Y
2008The rise of emerging market multinationals and its impact on marketingFan, Y
2017A Semi-Infinite Interval-Stochastic Risk Management Model for River Water Pollution Control under UncertaintyLiu, J; Li, Y; Huang, G; Fan, Y
2007Soft power and nation brandingFan, Y
2008Soft power: Power of attraction or confusion?Fan, Y
1995Strategic groups and cluster analysisFan, Y
2000Strategic Outsourcing: Evidence from the British CompaniesFan, Y
2009A study of food buying behavior among Chinese childrenFan, Y; Li, Y
2009Surrogate Brands - The pull to adopt an ‘Other’ nation; via sports merchandiseWilson, J; Liu, J; Fan, Y
18-Nov-2021Synergetic management of water-energy-food nexus system and GHG emissions under multiple uncertainties: An inexact fractional fuzzy chance constraint programming methodXu, Y; Tan, J; Wang, X; Li, W; He, X; Hu, X; Fan, Y
24-Apr-2020Temporal and spatial characteristics of multidimensional extreme precipitation indicators: A case study in the Loess plateau, ChinaSun, C; Huang, G; Fan, Y
6-Dec-2021Tracing Uncertainty Contributors in the Multi-hazard Risk Analysis for Compound ExtremesFan, Y; Yu, L; Shi, X; Duan, QY
1998The transfer of western management to China: Context, content and constraintsFan, Y
11-Oct-2019An Uncertainty Partition Approach for Inferring Interactive Hydrologic RisksFan, Y; Kai, H; Guohe, H; Yongping, L; Feng, W
4-May-2021Uncertainty quantification and partition for multivariate risk inferences through a factorial multimodel Bayesian copula (FMBC) systemFan, Y; Yu, L; Shi, X
20-Sep-2018Uncertainty Quantification for Multivariate Eco-Hydrological Risk in the Xiangxi River within the Three Gorges Reservoir Area in ChinaFan, Y; Huang, G; Zhang, Y; Li, Y
9-Dec-2020Vine copula ensemble downscaling for precipitation projection over the Loess Plateau based on high-resolution multi-RCM outputsFan, Y; Sun, C; Hang, G; Zhou, X; Lu, C; Xiuquan, W