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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Members are not the only fruit: Volunteer activity in British political parties at the 2010 general electionFisher, J; Fieldhouse, E; Cutts, D
2004Money matters: The financing of the Conservative partyFisher, J
2002Next Step: State Funding for the Parties?Fisher, J
11-Apr-2019A Note from the New Editorial TeamFisher, J; Hansen, ME; Pickering, S; Sarmiento-Mirwaldt, K
2010The party evolution framework: An integrated approach to examining the development of party communications and campaignsLamprinakou, Chrysa
1999Party expenditure and electoral prospects: A national level analysis of BritainFisher, J
2005Party finance reform as constitutional engineering? The effectiveness and unintended consequences of party finance reform in France and BritainClift, B; Fisher, J
2008Party funding: Back to square one (and a half), or every cloud has a silver lining?Fisher, J
2006Party membership and campaign activity in Britain: The impact of electoral performanceFisher, J; Denver, D; Hands, G
1994Political donations to the conservative partyFisher, J
2003Political participation: the vocational motivations of Labour party employeesFisher, J; Webb, P
2001The political parties, elections and referendums Act 2000Fisher, J
2015The politics of transnational municipalism for sustainable development in the European Union. An urban analysisMocca, Elisabetta
2003Professionalism and the Millbank Tendency: The Political Sociology of New Labour's employeesWebb, P; Fisher, J
2009Research impact evaluation, a wider context: Findings from a research impact pilotScoble, R; Dickson, K; Fisher, J; Hanney, S
2010Research impact evaluation, a wider context: Findings from a research impact pilotScoble, R; Dickson, K; Fisher, J; Hanney, S
2000Small kingdoms and crumbling organizations: Examining the variation in constituency party membership and resourcesFisher, J
2006Unsung heroes: Constituency election agents in British general electionsFisher, J; Denver, D; Hands, G
2014You get what you (don’t) pay for: The impact of volunteer labour and candidate spending at the 2010 British general electionFisher, J; Johnston, R; Cutts, D; Pattie, C; Fieldhouse, E