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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008The role of deliberate practice in expertise: Necessary but not sufficientGobet, F
2007The role of domain-specific practice, handedness and starting age in chessGobet, F; Campitelli, G
2003The role of input size and generativity in simulating language acquisition.Freudenthal, D; Pine, J M; Gobet, F
2004Role of pattern recognition and search in expert decision makingGobet, F
2007The Role of Practice in Chess: A Longitudinal StudyCampitelli, G; Gobet, F
1996The Roles of recognition processes and look-ahead search in time-constrained expert problem solving: Evidence from grandmaster level chess.Gobet, F; Simon, H A
2007Season of birth and chess expertiseGobet, F; Chassy, P
2007Sherlock Holmes: An expert’s view of expertiseDidierjean, A; Gobet, F
2001Simple environments fail as illustrations of intelligence: A review of R. Pfeifer and C. ScheierLane, PCR; Gobet, F
2005Simulating optional infinitive errors in child speech through the omission of sentence-internal elements.Freudenthal, D; Pine, J M; Gobet, F
2005Simulating the cross-linguistic development of optional infinitive errors in MOSAIC.Freudenthal, D; Pine, J M; Gobet, F
2007Simulating the Noun-Verb Asymmetry in the Productivity of Children’s SpeechFreudenthal, D; Pine, J M; Gobet, F
2008Simulating the referential properties of Dutch, German and English Root Infinitives in MOSAICFreudenthal, D; Pine, JM; Gobet, F
2004Simulating the temporal reference of Dutch and English Root Infinitives.Freudenthal, D; Pine, J M; Gobet, F
2012Sinuosity and the affect grid: A method for adjusting repeated mood scoresRussell, YI; Gobet, F
2000Some shortcomings of long-term working memoryGobet, F
2012Space-independent community structure detection in United States air transportationGegov, E; Gegov, A; Postorino, MN; Atherton, M; Gobet, F
2008Specialization effect and its influence on memory and problem solving in expert chess playersBilalić, M; McLeod, P; Gobet, F
2005Structure and stimulus familiarity: A study of memory in chess-players with functional magnetic resonance imaging.Campitelli, G; Gobet, F; Parker, A
2002Subject omission in children's language; The case for performance limitations in learning.Freudenthal, D; Pine, J M; Gobet, F