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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-May-2020Semi-empirical predictive equations for the initial amplitude of submarine landslide-generated waves: applications to 1994 Skagway and 1998 Papua New Guinea tsunamisSabeti, R; Heidarzadeh, M
2016Source model of the 16 September 2015 Illapel, Chile, M<inf>w</inf> 8.4 earthquake based on teleseismic and tsunami dataHeidarzadeh, M; Murotani, S; Satake, K; Ishibe, T; Gusman, AR
18-Mar-2021Source modeling and spectral analysis of the Crete tsunami of 2nd May 2020 along the Hellenic Subduction Zone, offshore GreeceHeidarzadeh, M; Gusman, AR
2015Source properties of the 1998 July 17 Papua New Guinea tsunami based on tide gauge recordsHeidarzadeh, M; Satake, K
1-Oct-2021Source reconstruction of the 1969 Majene, Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami: A preliminary studyPranantyo, IR; Cipta, A; Shiddiqi, HA; Heidarzadeh, M
4-May-2022Source reconstruction of the 1969 Sulawesi, Indonesia earthquake and tsunamiPranantyo, IR; Cipta, A; Shiddiqi, H; Heidarzadeh, M
11-Nov-2020Stochastic Analysis of Tsunami Hazard of the 1945 Makran Subduction Zone Mw 8.1–8.3 EarthquakesMomeni, P; Goda, K; Heidarzadeh, M; Qin, J
20-Nov-2018Storm wave runups and sea level variations for the September 2017 Hurricane Maria along the coast of Dominica, eastern Caribbean Sea: evidence from field surveys and sea level data analysisHeidarzadeh, M; Teeuw, R; Day, S; Solana, C
2016Tsunami data assimilation of Cascadia seafloor pressure gauge records from the 2012 Haida Gwaii earthquakeGusman, AR; Sheehan, AF; Satake, K; Heidarzadeh, M; Mulia, IE; Maeda, T
20-Sep-2020A Tsunami Warning System Based on Offshore Bottom Pressure Gauges and Data Assimilation for Crete Island in the Eastern Mediterranean BasinWang, Y; Heidarzadeh, M; Satake, K; Mulia, IE; Yamada, M
15-Mar-2017Tsunamigenic potential of a newly discovered active fault zone in the outer Messina Strait, Southern ItalyFu, L; Heidarzadeh, M; Cukur, D; Chiocci, FL; Ridente, D; Gross, F; Bialas, J; Krastel, S
20-Sep-2017Tsunamis from strike-slip earthquakes in the Wharton Basin, northeast Indian Ocean: March 2016 Mw7.8 event and its relationship with the April 2012 Mw 8.6 eventHeidarzadeh, M; Harada, T; Satake, K; Ishibe, T; Takagawa, T
6-Jun-2021Ultra-long period and small-amplitude tsunami generated following the July 2020 Alaska Mw7.8 tsunamigenic earthquakeHeidarzadeh, M; Mulia, IE
2006Utilization of chemical grouting for water sealing of part of Karkheh dam foundationHeidarzadeh, M; Mirghasemi, AA; Etemadzadeh, SM