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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Dec-2019Acting for Others: Relational Transformations in Papua New GuineaHirsch, E
30-Mar-2021Aesthetic Historism and the Aesthetics of Tidibe: Ritual, Performance, and Contested Perceptions of “Skin” in the Papuan HighlandsHirsch, E
2013‘Being’ and ‘becoming’ a welfare citizen in the Danish FolkeskoleSass, Ditte Strunge
14-Dec-2021Book Review: <i>Digital Domesticity: Media, Materiality, and Home Life</i> by Jenny Kennedy, Michael Arnold, Martin Gibbs, Bjorn Nansen, and Rowan WilkenHirsch, E
1-Jul-2021Compliance: Politics, Sociability and the Constitution of Collective LifeRollason, W; Hirsch, E
Dec-2023Compliant Rule Bending: migrants’ encounters with Italian immigration bureaucracyTuckett, A
2021Creating 'kropkrua' in the kitchen: an ethnography of female Thai chefs in two London Thai restaurantsUkris, Simana
31-Dec-2021Divine powers and exchange with ‘others’ in MelanesiaHirsch, E
22-Aug-2023Foks, Freddy. Participant observers: anthropology, colonial development, and the reinvention of society in Britain. xiv, 263 pp., bibliogr. Oakland: Univ. of California Press, 2023. £30.00 (paper)Hirsch, E
29-Nov-2021HistoryHirsch, E
2012Landscape, practice and tradition in a Sicilian marketMarovelli, Brigida
2006NKOTA WATA: Mining and metaphor in Hamtai-Anga "Gold Dreaming"Moretti, Daniele
2016Purity, embodiment and the immaterial body: An exploration of Buddhism at a Tibetan monastery in Karnataka, South IndiaClay, Gemma
2011Valuing the informal realm: Peer relations and the negotiation of difference in a North London comprehensive schoolWinkler Reid, Sarah
4-Sep-2023Waiting for KairosHirsch, E