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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016High-performance predictor for critical unstable generators based on scalable parallelized neural networksLiu, Y; Liu, Y; Liu, J; Li, M; Ma, Z; Taylor, G
29-Apr-2019Incorporating Domain Knowledge into Natural Language Inference on Clinical TextsLu, M; Fang, Y; Yan, F; Li, M
25-Oct-2017An Intrusion Detection Framework Based on Hybrid Multi-Level Data MiningYao, H; Wang, Q; Wang, L; Zhang, P; Li, M; Liu, Y
2018Investigating data standardisation and modelling challenges to enable advanced power systems analysisShand, Corinne Margaret
2003Leveraging legacy codes to distributed problem solving environments: A web service approachLi, M; Walker, D; Rana, O; Huang, Y; Williams, P; Ward, R
2016A MapReduce Based High Performance Neural Network in Enabling Fast Stability Assessment of Power SystemsLiu, Y; Liu, J; Li, M; Liu, T; Taylor, G; Zuo, K
2013MapReduce based RDF assisted distributed SVM for high throughput spam filteringCaruana, Godwin
2011MapReduce network enabled algorithms for classification based on association rulesHammoud, Suhel
2015A MapReduce-based parallel K-means clustering for large-scale CIM data verificationDeng, C; Liu, Y; Xu, L; Yang, J; Liu, J; Li, S; Li, M
1-Oct-2018MSML: A Novel Multi-level Semi-supervised Machine Learning Framework for Intrusion Detection SystemYao, H; Fu, D; Zhang, P; Li, M; Liu, Y
2017Multi-Line distance minimization: A visualized many-objective test problem suiteLi, M; Grosan, C; Yang, S; Liu, X; Yao, X
2016Multi-objective optimisation for regression testingZheng, W; Hierons, RM; Li, M; Liu, X; Vinciotti, V
2013Multithreading for high performance finance risk analysisWei, Wenqian
24-Jul-2018NetworkAI: An Intelligent Network Architecture for Self-Learning Control Strategies in Software Defined NetworksYao, H; Mai, T; Xu, X; Zhang, P; Li, M; Liu, Y
14-Feb-2018A novel reinforcement learning algorithm for virtual network embeddingYao, H; Chen, X; Li, M; Zhang, P; Wang, L
2013An ontology enhanced parallel SVM for scalable spam filter trainingCaruana, G; Li, M; Liu, Y
17-Mar-2018Operating Reliability Evaluation of Power Systems Considering Flexible Reserve Provider in Demand SideJia, H; Ding, Y; Song, Y; Singh, C; Li, M
2016Optimizing hadoop parameter settings with gene expression programming guided PSOKhan, M; Huang, Z; Li, M; Taylor, GA; Khan, M
2017Optimizing Hadoop Performance for Big Data Analytics in Smart GridKhan, M; Huang, Z; Li, M; Taylor, GA; Ashton, PM; Khan, M
2015Parallel detrended fluctuation analysis for fast event detection on massive PMU dataKhan, M; Ashton, PM; Li, M; Taylor, GA; Pisica, I; Liu, J