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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Real time facial expression recognition App development on mobile phonesAlshamsi, H; Meng, H; Li, M
2011A resource aware distributed LSI algorithm for scalable information retrievalLiu, Yang
2015A Resource Aware MapReduce Based Parallel SVM for Large Scale Image ClassificationsGuo, W; Alham, NK; Liu, Y; Li, M; Qi, M
15-Aug-2019A Resource Aware Parallelized Back Propagation Neural Network in Enabling Efficient Large-Scale Digital Health Data ProcessingLiu, Y; Chen, X; Xu, L; Li, H; Li, M
5-Aug-2018Robust convolution kernel quantity determination based on corner radiation area adaptationLiang, Y; Du, Y; Li, S; Li, M
2017Secure authentication procedures based on timed passwords, honeypots, honeywords and multi-factor techniquesAkif, Omar Zeyad
2009Semiparametric estimation for a class of time-inhomogenous diffusion processesYu, Y; Yu, K; Wang, H; Li, M
2014Shift-based density estimation for pareto-based algorithms in many-objective optimizationLi, M; Yang, S; Liu, X
2016SIP: Optimal Product Selection from Feature Models using Many-Objective Evolutionary OptimisationHierons, RM; Li, M; Liu, X; Segura, S; Zheng, W
2018A software-defined survivability approach for wireless sensor networks in future internet of the thingsAl Atawi, Abdullah
2006Stability analysis for stochastic Cohen-Grossberg neural networks with mixed time delaysWang, Z; Liu, Y; Li, M; Liu, X
2014A test problem for visual investigation of high-dimensional multi-objective searchLi, M; Yang, S; Liu, X
12-Nov-2018Transfer learning-based online multiperson tracking with Gaussian process regressionZhang, B; Li, S; Huang, Z; Rahi, BH; Wang, Q; Li, M
2016Trusted cloud computing modelling with distributed end-user attestable multilayer securitySule, Mary-Jane
2018User-centric factors affecting the adoption of mobile government - the case of OmanQatoob Al Amri, Salim