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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jun-2018Atomic ordering in the liquid adjacent to an atomically rough solid surfaceJiang, B; Men, H; Fan, Z
27-Sep-2018Effect of Substrate Chemistry on PrenucleationFang, CM; Men, H; Fan, Z
2017Effect of substrate chemistry on prenucleation by ab initio MD simulationFang, C; Men, H; Fan, Z
2012Effects of lattice mismatch on interfacial structures of liquid and solidified Al in contact with hetero-phase substrates: MD simulationsMen, H; Fan, Z
2011Effects of solute content on grain refinement in an isothermal meltMen, H; Fan, Z
30-Aug-2022Heterogeneous Nucleation and Grain Initiation on a Single SubstrateFan, Z; Men, H
23-Sep-2022Heterogeneous Nucleation Mechanisms in Systems with Large Lattice Misfit Demonstrated by the Pb(l)/Cu(s) SystemMen, H; Fan, Z
2010Mechanisms of grain refinement by intensive shearing of AZ91 alloy meltMen, H; Jiang, B; Fan, Z
15-Sep-2022Molecular Dynamics Simulations on Effect of Surface Roughness of Amorphous Substrate on Nucleation in Liquid AlMen, H; Fan, Z
20-Nov-2020A molecular dynamics study of heterogeneous nucleation in generic liquid/substrate systems with positive lattice misfitFan, Z; Men, H
13-Mar-2021A New Atomistic Mechanism for Heterogeneous Nucleation in the Systems with Negative Lattice Misfit: Creating a 2D Template for Crystal GrowthFan, Z; Men, H; Wang, Y; Que, Z
2019A novel route to the coupling of molecular dynamics and phase-field simulations of crystal growthBollada, PC; Men, H; Fang, C; Jimack, PK; Fan, Z; Mullis, AM
19-Sep-2022An Overview on Atomistic Mechanisms of Heterogeneous NucleationFan, Z; Men, H
12-Oct-2022Prenucleation at the Liquid/Substrate Interface: An OverviewMen, H; Fang, C; Fan, Z
29-Dec-2022A study on prenucleation and heterogeneous nucleation in liquid Pb on solid Al using molecular dynamics simulationsMen, H; Fan, Z
2011Transition of amorphous to crystalline oxide film in initial oxide overgrowth on liquid metalsMen, H; Fan, Z