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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Exploring challenges in developing a smart and effective assistive system for improving the experience of the elderly driversJung, S; Meng, H; Qin, S
2017Facial Expression Emotion Detection for Real-time Embedded SystemsMeng, H; Swash, M; Pleva, M; Juhár, J
2000Fast spatial combinative lifting algorithm of wavelet transform using the 9/7 filter for image block compressionMeng, H; Wang, Z
2018High Data Rate FinFET On-off Keying Transmitter for Wireless Capsule EndoscopyIntzes, I; Meng, H; Cosmas, J
2018Holoscopic 3D Micro-Gesture Database for Wearable Device InteractionLiu, Y; Meng, H; Swash, MR; A Gaus, YF; Qin, R
19-Jan-2018Holoscopic 3D Micro-Gesture Database for Wearable Device InteractionLiu, Y; Meng, H; Swash, MR; Gaus, YFA; Qin, R
2012Implementation and applications of tri-state self organising maps on FPGAAppiah, K; Hunter, A; Dickinson, P; Meng, H
2005Improving "bag-of-keypoints" image categorisation: Generative Models and PDF-KernelsFarquhar, J; Szedmak, S; Meng, H; Shawe-Taylor, J
2017Infrared and Visible Images Registration with Adaptable Local-Global Feature Integration for Rail InspectionChen, X; Wu, J; Li, K; Meng, H
2018Linear and Non-Linear Multimodal Fusion for Continuous Affect Estimation in-the-WildGaus, YFA; Meng, H
2010A modified model for the Lobula Giant Movement Detector and its FPGA implementationMeng, H; Appiah, K; Yue, S; Hunter, A; Hobden, M; Priestley, N; Hobden, P; Pettit, C
2011Multi-score Learning for Affect Recognition: the Case of Body PosturesMeng, H; Kleinsmith, A; Bianchi-Berthouze, N
2019Music Emotion Recognition based on Feature Combination, Deep Learning and Chord DetectionZhang, Fan
2011Naturalistic Affective Expression Classification by a Multi-Stage Approach Based on Hidden Markov ModelsMeng, H; Bianchi-Berthouze, N
2015Parallelizing k-means with hadoop/mahout for big data analyticsCui, Jianbin
2017Real Time Automated Facial Expression Recognition App Development on Smart PhonesAlshamsi, H; Kepuska, V; Meng, H
2016Real time facial expression recognition App development on mobile phonesAlshamsi, H; Meng, H; Li, M
2017Real-time Emotional State Detection from Facial Expression on Embedded DevicesTurabzadeh, S; Meng, H; Swash, RM; Pleva, M; Juhar, J
2008Real-time human action recognition on an embedded, reconfigurable video processing architectureMeng, H; Freeman, M; Pears, N; Bailey, C
2018A Scalable and License Free 5G Internet of Radio Light Architecture for Services in Homes & BusinessesCosmas, JP; meunier, B; Ali, K; Jawad, N; Salih, M; Meng, H; Ganley, M; Gbadamosi, J; Savov, A; Zion Hadad, Z; Globen, B; Gokmen, H; Malkos, S; Cakan, ME; Koumaras, H; Kourtis, M; Sakkas, C; Salomon, E; Avinoam, Y; Negru, D; Lacaud, M; Zhang, Y; Huang, L-K; Zetik, R; Cabaj, K; Mazurczyk, W; Zhang, X; Ran, M; Malka, D; Kapovits, A