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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Self-organising comprehensive handover strategy for multi-tier LTE-advanced heterogeneous networksBehjati, M; Cosmas, JP; Nilavalan, R; Araniti, G; Condoluci, M
2016Sensors Networks - Localization and TopologyNilavalan, R; Sfendourakis, M; Antonidakis, E
2018Software defined virtualized cloud radio access network (SD-vCRAN) and programmable EPC for 5GBanik, Pushpanjali
2008Spatial data stream multiplexing scheme for high-throughput WLANsGravalos, AG; Hadjinicolaou, M; Ni, Q; Nilavalan, R
2015Station network triangulation positioning systemSfendourakis, M; Nilavalan, R; Antonidakis, E
2009Study on the performance deterioration of flexible UWB antennaPeter, T; Nilavalan, R
2002Synthetic focusing into the ground and into buildings, using real aperture radarBenjamin, R; Craddock, IJ; McCutcheon, E; Nilavalan, R
1998Synthetically-focused surface-penetrating radar for operation from a moving vehicleBenjamin, R; Hilton, GS; Nilavalan, R; Litobarski, S; McCutcheon, E
2016TCP Timeout Mechanism for Optimization of Network Fairness and Performance in Multi-Hop Pipeline NetworkSubramaniam, SK; Khan, SM; Nilavalan, R; Balachandran, W
2007Test-bed development & measurement plan for evaluating transmit diversity in DVB networksShirazi, H; Di Bari, R; Cosmas, J; Nilavalan, R; Zhang, Y; Bard, M; Loo, J
2016Triangulation positioning system - Network and topology issuesSfendourakis, M; Sarantopoulos, I; Nilavalan, R; Antonidakis, E; Barbounakis, I
2008Triple band double U-slots patch antenna for WiMAX mobile applicationsAbuTarboush, HF; Al-Raweshidy, H; Nilavalan, R
2013Tunable multiband microstrip antenna for 5GHz WLANEjaz, A; Nilavalan, R; Abutarboush, H
2014WCDMA for aeronautical communicationsPeteinatos, Ilias
2016WCDMA for Air to Ground and Ground to Air communications – Case Study for Greek airspaceKokkinos, E; Peteinatos, I; Nilavalan, R
2009Wide-band planar inverted-F antenna for cognitive radioAbuTarboush, HF; Budimir, D; Nilavalan, R; Al-Raweshidy, H
2007Wideband microstrip patch antenna design for breast cancer tumour detectionNilavalan, R; Craddock, IJ; Preece, A; Leendertz, J; Benjamin, R
2005A wideband planar antenna for in-body imagingNilavalan, R; Craddock, IJ; Leendertz, J; Preece, A; Benjamin, R
1999Wideband printed bowtie antenna element development for post reception synthetic focusing surface penetrating radarNilavalan, R; Hilton, GS; Benjamin, R
2010Wideband slotted patch antennas using EBG structuresChandra, U; AbuTarboush, HF; Al-Raweshidy, H; Nilavalan, R