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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Domination Analysis of Greedy Heuristics For The Frequency Assignment ProblemKoller, AE; Noble, SD
2009The equivalence of two graph polynomials and a symmetric functionMerino, C; Noble, SD
2006Evaluating the rank generating function of a graphic 2-polymatroidNoble, SD
2011Maximizing edge-ratio is NP-completeNoble, SD; Hansen, P; Mladenović, N
2014The Merino–Welsh conjecture holds for series–parallel graphsNoble, SD; Royle, GF
2009Minimizing the oriented diameter of a planar graphEggemann, N; Noble, SD
2012On the structure of the h-vector of a paving matroid.Merino, C; Noble, SD; Ramirez-Ibanez, M; Villarroel-Flores, R
1996Recognising a partitionable simplicial complex is in NPNoble, SD
2011Some inequalities for the Tutte polynomialChavez-Lomeli, LE; Merino, C; Noble, SD; Ramirez-Ibanez, M
2011The Tutte polynomial characterizes simple outerplanar graphsGoodall, AJ; de Mier, A; Noble, SD; Noy, M