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Title: Domination Analysis of Greedy Heuristics For The Frequency Assignment Problem
Authors: Koller, AE
Noble, SD
Keywords: Frequency Assignment Problem;Greedy Heuristic;Domination Number
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Discrete Mathematics 275(1-3): 331-338, Jan 2004
Abstract: We introduce the greedy expectation algorithm for the fixed spectrum version of the frequency assignment problem. This algorithm was previously studied for the travelling salesman problem. We show that the domination number of this algorithm is at least $\sigma^{n-\lceil\log_2 n\rceil-1}$ where $\sigma$ is the available span and $n$ the number of vertices in the constraint graph. In contrast to this we show that the standard greedy algorithm has domination number strictly less than $\sigma^{n}e^{-\frac{5(n-1)}{144}}$ for large n and fixed $\sigma$.
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