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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Nov-2018Modifying inter-cistronic sequence significantly enhances IRES dependent second gene expression in bicistronic vector: Construction of optimised cassette for gene therapy of familial hypercholesterolemiaAl-Allaf, FA; Abduljaleel, Z; Athar, M; Taher, MM; Khan, W; Mehmet, H; Colakogullari, M; Apostolidou, S; Bigger, B; Waddington, S; Coutelle, C; Themis, M; Al-Ahdal, MN; Al-Mohanna, FA; Al-Hassnan, ZN; Bouazzaoui, A
2009A novel splice variant of the DNA-PKcs gene is associated with clinical and cellular radiosensitvity in a xeroderma pigmentosum patientAbbaszadeh, F; Clingen, PH; Arlett, CF; Plowman, PN; Bourton, EC; Themis, M; Makarov, EM; Newbold, RF; Green, MHL; Parris, CN
25-Nov-2022An optimised protocol to generate high titre lentiviral vectors by extended HEK293T culture following transient transfection and suspension cultureSuleman, S; Fawaz, S; Roberts, T; Bigger, B; Ellison, S; Themis, M
11-Jan-2024Optimised protocols to generate high titre lentiviral vectors using a novel transfection agent enabling extended HEK293T culture following transient transfection and suspension cultureSuleman, S; Fawaz, S; Roberts, T; Ellison, S; Bigger, B; Themis, M
2006Overexpression of connexin 43 using a retroviral vector improves electrical coupling of skeletal myoblasts with cardiac myocytes in vitro.Tolmachov, O; Ma, YL; Themis, M; Patel, P; Spohr, H; Macleod, KT; Ullrich, ND; Kienast, Y; Coutelle, C; Peters, NS
6-Oct-2021Rapid and inexpensive purification of adenovirus vectors using an optimised aqueous two-phase technologySuleman, S; Schrubaji, K; Filippou, C; Ignatova, S; Hewitson, P; Huddleston, J; Karda, R; Waddington, SN; Themis, M
13-Jun-2013Reduced chromosome aberration complexity in normal human bronchial epithelial cells exposed to low-LET γ-rays and high-LET α-particlesThemis, M; Garimberti, E; Hill, MA; Anderson, RM
18-Jun-2013Relative proximity of chromosome territories influences chromosome exchange partners in radiation-induced chromosome rearrangements in primary human bronchial epithelial cellsFoster, HA; Estrada-Girona, G; Themis, M; Garimberti, E; Hill, MA; Bridger, JM; Anderson, RM
20-Jul-2019Serum free production of three-dimensional human hepatospheres from pluripotent stem cellsLucendo-Villarin, B; Rashidi, H; Alhaque, S; Fischer, L; Meseguer-Ripolles, J; Wang, Y; O'Farrelly, C; Themis, M; Hay, DC
2013A study of mechanisms of genotoxicity in mammalian cells by retrovirus vectors intended for gene therapyReja, Safia
2018Three-dimensional cell culture: From evolution to revolutionThemis, M
2014Transduction of fetal mice with a feline lentiviral vector induces liver tumors which exhibit an E2F activation signatureCondiotti, R; Goldenberg, D; Giladi, H; Schnitzer-Perlman, T; Waddington, SN; Buckley, SMK; Heim, D; Cheung, W; Themis, M; Coutelle, C; Simerzin, A; Osejindu, E; Wege, H; Themis, M; Galun, E