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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Dec-2022Are profiles of social, cultural, and economic capital related to living well with dementia? Longitudinal findings from the IDEAL cohortSabatini, S; Martyr, A; Gamble, L; Jones, I; Collins, R; Knapp, M; Thom, J; Henderson, C; Victor, C; Pentecost, C; Clare, L
2-Mar-2020The association between loneliness, social isolation and inflammation: A systematic review and meta-analysisSmith, KJ; Gavey, S; Riddell, NE; Kontari, P; Victor, C
7-Dec-2021The association of loneliness with health and social care utilisation in older adults: A systematic reviewSmith, KJ; Victor, C
19-May-2019Caregiver influences on ‘living well’ for people with dementia: Findings from the IDEAL studyQuinn, C; Nelis, SM; Martyr, A; Morris, RG; Victor, C; Clare, L
15-Nov-2017Changing physical activity behaviour for people with multiple sclerosis: protocol of a randomised controlled feasibility trial (iStep-MS)Ryan, J; Fortune, J; Stennett, A; Kilbride, C; Anokye, N; Victor, C; Hendrie, W; Abdul, M; De Souza, L; Lavelle, G; Brewin, D; David, L; Norris, M
20-Dec-2020Choking Under Pressure: Does it get easier with age? How Loneliness affects Social Monitoring across the Lifespan.Pearce, E; Barreto, M; Victor, C; Hammond, C; Eccles, A; Richens, M; O'Neil, A; Knowles, M; Qualter, P
5-Jan-2024Comorbid health conditions and their impact on social isolation, loneliness, quality of life, and well-being in people with dementia: longitudinal findings from the IDEAL programmeSabatini, S; Martyr, A; Hunt, A; Gamble, LD; Matthews, FE; Thom, JM; Jones, RW; Allan, L; Knapp, M; Victor, C; Pentecost, C; Rusted, JM; Morris, RG; Clare, L
23-May-2022A Comparison of Well-Being of Carers of People with Dementia and Their Ability to Manage Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Findings from the IDEAL StudyGamble, LD; Parker, S; Quinn, C; Bennett, HQ; Martyr, A; Sabatini, S; Pentecost, C; Collins, R; Dawson, E; Hunt, A; Allan, L; Burns, A; Litherland, R; Victor, C; Matthews, FE; Clare, L
1-Jan-2019A comprehensive model of factors associated with capability to ‘live well’ for family caregivers of people living with mild-to-moderate dementia: findings from the IDEAL studyClare, L; Wu, Y-T; Quinn, C; Jones, IR; Victor, C; Nelis, S; Martyr, M; Litherland, R; Pickett, JA; Hindle, JV; Jones, RW; Knapp, M; Kopelman, MD; Morris, RG; Rusted, JM; Thom, JM; Lamont, RA; Henderson, C; Rippon, I; Hillman, A; Matthews, FE; IDEAL Study Team
5-Dec-2018A comprehensive model of factors associated with subjective perceptions of living well with dementia: findings from the IDEAL studyClare, L; Wu, Y-T; Jones, IR; Victor, C; Nelis, SM; Martyr, A; Quinn, C; Litherland, R; Pickett, J; Hindle, JV; Jones, RW; Knapp, M; Kopelman, MD; Morris, RG; Rusted, JM; Thom, JM; Lamont, RA; Henderson, C; Rippon, I; Hillman, A; Matthews, FE
2-Nov-2021A Conceptual Review of Loneliness in Adults: Qualitative Evidence SynthesisMansfield, L; Victor, C; Meads, C; Daykin, N; Tomlinson, A; Lane, J; Gray, K; Golding, A
11-Aug-2020Consensus statement: loneliness in older adults, the 21st century social determinant of health?Prohaska, T; Burholt, V; Burns, A; Golden, J; Hawkley, L; Lawlor, B; Leavey, G; Lubben, J; O’Sullivan, R; Perissinotto, C; van Tilburg, T; Tully, M; Victor, C; Fried, L
10-Dec-2021Correlates of objectively measured physical activity among people with multiple sclerosis: A Cross-Sectional StudyFortune, J; Norris, M; Stennett, A; Kilbride, C; Lavelle, G; Hendrie, W; De Souza, L; Victor, C; Ryan, J
15-May-2015Dancing with loneliness in later life: A pilot study mapping seasonal variationsVictor, C; Sullivan, MP; Woodbridge, R; Thomas, M
2013Decentralisation of pharmaceutical assistance in Brazil: Impacts on access to medicinesNazareno, Regina Céli Scorpione
29-Apr-2021Determinants of Obesity in West Africa: A Systematic ReviewAgyemang, K; Pokhrel, S; Victor, C; Anokye, NK
2018Dining with dementia: Continuing to find meaning in eating-related practices as a social experience among family dyads living with typical dementia and posterior cortical atrophyWoodbridge, Rachel
21-Dec-2023Disparities In Loneliness Among Older Adults In The Uk: An Evidence Overview And Critical EvaluationVictor, C
20-Sep-2014Does owning a pet protect older people against loneliness?Pikhartova, J; Bowling, A; Victor, C
2020Dying Alone and Lonely Dying: Media Discourse and Pandemic ConditionsNelson-Becker, H; Victor, C