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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004On the block wavelet transform applied to the boundary element methodBucher, HF; Wrobel, LC; Mansur, WJ; Magluta, C
2003On the propagation of a normal shock wave through a layer of incompressible porous materialTorrens, R; Wrobel, LC
7-Jun-2016Online-CPD-Coupled Large-Eddy Simulation of Pulverized-Coal Pyrolysis in a Hot Turbulent Nitrogen JetWan, KD; Xia, J; Wang, ZH; Wrobel, LC; Cen, KF
2002Optimisation of cathodic protection systems using boundary elements and genetic algorithmsMiltiadou, P; Wrobel, LC
2007Optimisation of Continuous and Pulsed Cooling in Injection Moulding ProcessesSmith, AG; Wrobel, LC; McCalla, BA; Allan, PS; Hornsby, PR
2010An overview of recent applications of computational modelling in neonatologyWrobel, LC; Ginalski, MK; Nowak, AJ; Ingham, DB; Fic, AM
24-Dec-2019Patient-Specific Bone Multiscale Modelling, Fracture Simulation and Risk Analysis—A Surveyde Alcântara, ACS; Assis, I; Prada, D; Mehle, K; Schwan, S; Costa-Paiva, L; Skaf, MS; Wrobel, LC; Sollero, P
2010Performance evaluation of multilayer thin film coatings under mixed rolling-sliding dry contact conditionsFarley, J; Wrobel, LC; Mao, K
Jan-2019Radial integration boundary element method for two-dimensional non-homogeneous convection–diffusion–reaction problems with variable source termAL-Bayati, SA; Wrobel, LC
2012The radial integration boundary integral and integro-differential equation methods for numerical solution of problems with variable coefficientsAl-Jawary, Majeed
-Residual stress simulations of girth welding in subsea pipelinesKogo, BE; Wang, B; Wrobel, LC; Chizari, M
2018Solution of hyperbolic bioheat conduction models based on adaptive time integratorsSoares Jr, D; Wrobel, LC
2019Solving inverse bioheat problems of skin tumour identification by dynamic thermographyIljaž, J; Wrobel, LC; Gomboc, T; Hriberšek, M; Marn, J
2017Subdomain BEM formulations for the solution of bio-heat problems in biological tissue with melanoma lesionsIljaž, J; Wrobel, LC; Hriberšek, M; Marn, J
2018Tensile Behaviour of S690QL and S960QL under High Strain RateAlabi, AA; Moore, PL; Wrobel, LC; Campbell, JC; He, W
2016A thermoregulation model for hypothermic treatment of neonatesGonzaga e Silva, ABC; Laszczyk, J; Wrobel, LC; Ribeiro, FLB; Nowak, AJ
2018A thermoregulation model for whole body cooling hypothermiaSilva, ABCG; Wrobel, LC; Ribeiro, FLB
2014A topological optimization procedure applied to multiple region problems with embedded sourcesAnflor, CTM; Albuquerque, EL; Wrobel, LC
2005Two-phase flow patterns in turbulent flow through a dose diffusion pipeTang, H; Wrobel, LC; Barton, IE
2018The use of Design of Experiments for steady-state and transient inverse melanoma detection problemsIljaz, J; Wrobel, LC; Hribersek, M; Marn, J