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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Performance and analysis of a 4-stroke multi-cylinder gasoline engine with CAI combustionZhao, H; Li, J; Ma, T; Ladommatos, N
2016Performance and economic analysis of a direct injection spark ignition engine fueled with wet ethanolLanzanova, TDM; Dalla Nora, M; Zhao, H
2017Planar laser induced fluorescence imaging and analysis with ethanol blended fuels in a direct injection spark ignition engineCairns, A; Zhao, H; Liu, Quan
2016Potential of internal EGR and throttled operation for low load extension of ethanol-diesel dual-fuel reactivity controlled compression ignition combustion on a heavy-duty enginePedrozo, VB; May, I; Lanzanova, TDM; Zhao, H
2001Research and development of Controlled Auto-Ignition (CAI) combustion in a 4-stroke multi-cylinder gasoline engineLi, J; Zhao, H; Ladommatos, N; Ma, T
2017Road bumps for electric carsLeach, F; Akehurst, S; Brace, C; Busch, IH; Cairns, A, et al
2003Simultaneous measurement of the B-0 meson lifetime and mixing frequency with B-0 -> D(*-)l(+)v(l) decaysAubert, B; Barate, R; Boutigny, D; Gaillard, JM; Hicheur, A, et al
2007Spontaneous Raman scattering for simultaneous measurements of in-cylinder speciesZhao, H; Zhang, S
2013Studies on SI engine simulation and air/fuel ratio control systems designChen, J; Zhao, H; Bai, Yang
2014A study of flame development with isooctane alcohol blended fuels in a optical spark ignition engineCairns, A; Zhao, H; Moxey, Benjamin
2016Theoretical and experimental investigation of a novel hydraulically assisted turbocharger system for future automotive applicationsCairns, A; Zhao, H; Justus, Jack
2003Visualization of the homogeneous charge compression ignition/controlled autoignition combustion process using two-dimensional planar laser-induced fluorescence imaging of formaldehydePeng, Z; Zhao, H; Ladommatos, N