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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014An algorithm for optimal sizing of the capacitor banks under non-sinusoidal and unbalanced conditionsBalci, ME; Abdel Aleem, SHE; Zobaa, AF; Sakr, S
2015Assessment of energy credits for the enhancement of the Egyptian Green Pyramid Rating SystemAbdel Aleem, SHE; Zobaa, AF; Abdel Mageed, HM
2017Big data optimization in electric power systems: a reviewRahimi, I; Ahmadi, A; Zobaa, AF; Emrouznejad, A; Abdel Aleem, SHE
2018A comprehensive review of power quality issues and measurement for grid-integrated wind turbinesZobaa, AF; Ahmed, I; Abdel Aleem, SHE
-Economical design of capacitive components of multiple-arm shunt passive harmonics filtersAbdel Aleem, SHE; Zobaa, AF; Abou El-Zahab, EE; Ibrahim, AM
2016Effects of electromagnetic interference on the functional usage of medical equipment by 2G/3G/4G cellular phones: A reviewMariappan, PM; Raghavan, DR; Abdel Aleem, SHE; Zobaa, AF
2017Egyptian grid code of wind farms and power qualityAbdel Aleem, SHE; Abdelaziz, AY; Zobaa, AF
-Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Drives and Smart Grid InterfacingSharaf, AM; Omar, N; Gandoman, FH; Abdel Aleem, SHE; Zobaa, AF
2015A filter design approach to maximize ampacity of cables in nonsinusoidal power systemsSakar, S; Abdel Aleem, SHE; Balci, ME; Zobaa, A
219Harmonic overloading minimization of frequency-dependent components in harmonics polluted distribution systems using Harris Hawks optimization algorithmAbdel Aleem, SHE; Zobaa, A; Balci, ME; Ismail, SM
2014Harmonics mitigation of industrial power system using harmonic blocking compensatorsAbdel Aleem, SHE; Zobaa, AF; Ibrahim, AM
2016Hosting capacity assessment and improvement for photovoltaic-based distributed generation in distorted distribution networksSakar, S; Balci, ME; Abdel Aleem, SHE; Zobaa, AF
2017Integration of large- scale PV plants in non-sinusoidal environments: considerations on hosting capacity and harmonic distortion limitsSakar, S; Balci, ME; Abdel Aleem, SHE; Zobaa, AF
30-May-2018Introductory chapter: power system harmonics—analysis, effects, and mitigation solutions for power quality improvementZobaa, AF; Abdel Aleem, SHE; Balci, ME
2014Mathematical analysis of the turbine coefficient of performance for tidal stream turbinesAbdel Aleem, SHE; Zobaa, AF; Ibrahim, AM
2014A new approach for harmonic distortion minimization in power systems supplying nonlinear loadsZobaa, AF; Abdel Aleem, SHE
Mar-2020On the root mean square error (RMSE) calculation for parameter estimation of photovoltaic models: A novel exact analytical solution based on Lambert W functionĆalasan, M; Abdel Aleem, SHE; Zobaa, AF
2016Optimal C-type Filter for Harmonics Mitigation and Resonance Damping in Industrial Distribution SystemsAbdel Aleem, SHE; Zobaa, AF
2015Optimal design of single-tuned passive filters using response surface methodologySakar, S; Karaoglan, AD; Balci, ME; Abdel Aleem, SHE; Zobaa, AF
30-Sep-2019Optimal network reconfiguration in active distribution networks with soft open points and distributed generationDiaaeldin, IM; Abdel Aleem, SHE; El-Rafei, A; Abdelaziz, AY; Zobaa, AF