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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Added distance, entry mode choice, and the moderating effect of experience: The case of British MNEs in emerging marketsSingh, S; Batsakis, G; Azar, G
28-Mar-2019Added distance, entry mode choice, and the moderating effect of experience: The case of British MNEs in emerging marketsBatsakis, G; Singh, S
2019Architectural marketing capabilities of exporting ventures: the contingent effect of the distributorTheoharakis, V; Batsakis, G; Angelis, Y
25-Apr-2019The contingent effect of product relatedness on B2B firms’ pricing strategy. Evidence from IndiaBatsakis, G; Theoharakis, V; Azar, G; Singh, S; Singh, R
2018The Contingent Effect of TMT International Experience on Firms’ Internationalization SpeedMohr, A; Batsakis, G
2017Corporate Governance and Tobin's Q as a Measure of Organisational PerformanceSingh, S; Tabassum, N; Batsakis, G; Darwish, T
2016Explaining the effect of rapid internationalization on horizontal foreign divestment in the retail sector. An extended penrosean perspectiveMohr, A; Batsakis, G; Stone, Z
2018Firm resources, cultural distance and simultaneous international expansion in the retail sectorMohr, A; Batsakis, G
2016Host location knowledge sourcing and subsidiary innovative performance: examining the moderating role of alternative sources of knowledge and IPR distanceBatsakis, G
2014Intangible assets, international experience and the internationalisation speed of retailersMohr, A; Batsakis, G
2018International diversification and firm performance in the post-acquisition period: A resource dependence perspectiveWood, G; Azar, G; Singh, S; Batsakis, G
2016Internationalisation speed and MNE performance: A study of the market-seeking expansion of retail MNEsBatsakis, G; Mohr, A
2016Local, global, and internal knowledge sourcing: the trilemma of foreign-based R&D subsidiariesAthreye, S; Batsakis, G; Singh, S
2017Revisiting the relationship between product diversification and internationalization process in the context of emerging market MNEsBatsakis, G; Mohr, A
2018Speed of multinational expansion: integrated analysis of antecedents and outcomesDabescki, Nattacia