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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Computing the shortest elementary flux modes in genome-scale metabolic networksde Figueiredo, LF; Podhorski, A; Rubio, A; Kaleta, C; Beasley, JE; Schuster, S; Planes, FJ
2013Formulation space search for two-dimensional packing problemsLopez Soto, Claudia Orquidea
2013Integrating gene and protein expression data with genome-scale metabolic networks to infer functional pathwaysPey, J; Valgepea, K; Rubio, A; Beasley, JE; Planes, FJ
2008Metabolic pathway analysis via integer linear programmingPlanes, Francisco J
2011Metaheuristics for the waste collection vehicle routing problem with time windowsBenjamin, Aida Mauziah
2009An optimization model for metabolic pathwaysPlanes, FJ; Beasley, JE
2011Path finding methods accounting for stoichiometry in metabolic networksPey, J; Prada, J; Beasley, JE; Planes, FJ
2011Portfolio optimisation with transaction costWoodside-Oriakhi, Maria
2000Scheduling aircraft landings - the static caseBeasley, JE; Krishnamoorthy, M; Sharaiha, YM; Abramson, D