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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Absolute terror, or what do you see behind the masks?Birringer, J
2018Alucinac√£o transensorial /Trans-sensory HallucinationBirringer, J
28-Nov-2021Anatomy, Mon AmourBirringer, J; Danjoux, M
2015Atmospheres of choreographic designBirringer, J; Danjoux, M
2016Atmospheres of Dividual PerformanceBirringer, J
2013Bauhaus, constructivism, performanceBirringer, J
29-Oct-2018Becoming-AtmosphereBirringer, J
2013Bodies and labour: industrialisation, dance and performanceMcColl, Jennifer
28-Dec-2017Choreographic Performance SystemsBirringer, J
25-May-2022The Cry of the EarBirringer, J
2015Cultural-based visual expression: Emotional analysis of human face via Peking Opera Painted Faces (POPF)Wang, D; Kang, J; Qin, SF; Birringer, J
2010Dirty light: The application of musical principles to the organisation of light as an extension of musical expression into the non-figurative visual realmCiciliani-Stiglmayer, Marko
2019Ecstatic Space: NEO-KUT and shamanic technologies-
2017EnsoundedBirringer, J
2017Entre Chien et LoupBirringer, J
31-Aug-2017ImmersionBirringer, J
2011Immersion and interaction: Creating virtual 3d worlds for stage performancesPolydorou, Doros
2017Immersive Dance and Virtual RealitiesBirringer, J
2011The instrument in space: The embodiment of music in the machine ageWilkins, Caroline
2017Introducing neo-surrealism: The social science of performance artPuentes, Kalid