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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The case of customer recruitment processes: Dynamic evolution of customer relationship management resource networksBraganza, A; Stebbings, H; Ngosi, T
2020Challenges of change facing entrepreneurs and Kuwaiti SMEsAl Bazie, N; Braganza, A
2008Complexities of large-scale technology project failure: A forensic analysis of the Seattle popular monorail authorityYuttapongsontorn, N; Desouza, KC; Braganza, A
2003Death of a knowledge projectBraganza, A
2016Do vertical and shared leadership need each other in change management?Binci, D; Cerruti, C; Braganza, A
2014Exploration of the impact of institutional factors on actors in the implementation of effective high performance work systemBinjabi, Hayam
2008Exploring continuous organisational transformation as a form of network interdependenceStebbings, H; Braganza, A
2020Gigification, Job Engagement and Satisfaction: the moderating role of AI enabled system automation in operations managementBraganza, A; Chen, W; Canhoto, A; Sap, S
2018Impact of CRM resources and capabilities on business performance in the mobile telecommunications industry: A resource-based viewAlduwailah, Fahed Yousef
2006Implementing section 404 of the sarbanes oxley act: Recommendations for information systems organizationsBraganza, A; Desouza, KC
2013Individual leader to interdependent leadership: A case study in leadership development and tripartite evaluationMcCauley-Smith, C; Williams, S; Gillon, AC; Braganza, A; Ward, C
2006Intranet and Knowledge Management: Putting the Cart Before the Horse?Tanudjojo, S; Braganza, A
2018Investigating the effectiveness of leadership styles on instructional leadership and teacher outcomesHejres, Sabah Khalifa
1995Issues and dilemmas facing public and private sector organisations in the effective implementation of BPRBraganza, A; Myers, A
2017Knowledge evolution within business processes undergoing planned/radical change: empirical evidence from Kuwaiti higher education institutesAlyaseen, Nouf M B
2002Knowledge management during radical change: Applying a process oriented approachBraganza, A
2010The knowledge management kaleidoscope: Keeping stakeholders and their expectations in focusBraganza, A; Sharif, AM
2013Learning process analysis of absorptive capacity on organisational innovation: the influence of leadership stylesRezaei Zadeh, Mohammad
2015Making sense of leadership development: Developing a community of education leadersMcCauley-Smith, C; Williams, SJ; Gillon, AC; Braganza, A
2014Organisation development in HRM: A longitudinal study contrasting evolutionary trends between the UK and USAGillon, AC; Braganza, A; Williams, S; McCauley-Smith, C