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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Comparing conventional and distributed approaches to simulation in complex supply-chain health systemsKatsaliaki, K; Mustafee, N; Taylor, SJE; Brailsford, S
2006Distributed simulation with COTS simulation packages: A case study in health care supply chain simulationMustafee, N; Taylor, S J E; Katsaliaki, K; Brailsford, S
2009Facilitating the analysis of a UK national blood service supply chain using distributed simulationMustafee, N; Taylor, SJE; Katsaliaki, K; Brailsford, S
4-Feb-2019Hybrid simulation challenges and opportunities: a life-cycle approachEldabi, TA; Brailsford, S; Djanatliev, A; Kunc, M; Mustafee, N; Osorio, A
2018Hybrid Simulation Modelling in Operational Research: A State-ofthe-Art ReviewEldabi, TA; Brailsford, S; Kunc, M; Mustafee, N; Osorio, A
2017Hybrid simulation: Historical lessons, present challenges and futuresEldabi, T; Balaban, M; Brailsford, S; Mustafee, N; Nance, RE; Onggo, BS; Sargent, RG
2006Modelling very large complex systems using distributed simulation: A pilot study in a healthcare settingBrailsford, S; Katsaliaki, K; Mustafee, N; Taylor, SJE
2018Purpose and benefits of hybrid simulation: Contributing to the convergence of its definitionMustafee, N; Brailsford, S; Djanatliev, A; Eldabi, T; Kunc, M; Tolk, A
2009Speeding up decision support: Investigating the distributed simulation of a healthcare supply chainMustafee, N; Taylor, SJE; Katsaliaki, K; Brailsford, S
2007Using CSPI distributed simulation standards for the analysis of a health supply chainMustafee, N; Taylor, SJE; Katsaliaki, K; Brailsford, S