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Title: Distributed simulation with COTS simulation packages: A case study in health care supply chain simulation
Authors: Mustafee, N
Taylor, S J E
Katsaliaki, K
Brailsford, S
Keywords: Distributed Simulation;Commercial Simulation Packages;Supply Chain Simulation;Discrete-event Simulation
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: Proceedings of the 2006 Winter Simulation Conference, Monterey, December 2006. pp. 1136-1142
Abstract: The UK National Blood Service (NBS) is a public funded body that is responsible for distributing blood and asso-ciated products. A discrete-event simulation of the NBS supply chain in the Southampton area has been built using the commercial off-the-shelf simulation package (CSP) Simul8. This models the relationship in the health care supply chain between the NBS Processing, Testing and Is-suing (PTI) facility and its associated hospitals. However, as the number of hospitals increase simulation run time be-comes inconveniently large. Using distributed simulation to try to solve this problem, researchers have used techniques informed by SISO’s CSPI PDG to create a version of Simul8 compatible with the High Level Architecture (HLA). The NBS supply chain model was subsequently divided into several sub-models, each running in its own copy of Simul8. Experimentation shows that this distri-buted version performs better than its standalone, conven-tional counterpart as the number of hospitals increases.
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