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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Channel Length Dependent Characterisations of Organic Thin Film Transistors with Solution Processable Gadolinium Phthalocyanine DerivativesRay, A; Barard, S; Mukherjee, D; Sarkar, S; Kreouzis, T; Chambrier, I; Cammidge, AN
14-Feb-2017Charge transport in Lead Sulfide Quantum Dots/Phthalocyanines Hybrid NanocompositesPal, C; Sosa-Vargas, L; Ojeda, J; Sharma, AK; Cammidge, AN; Cook, MJ; Ray, AK
2017Compact modeling of organic thin film transistors with solution processed octadecyl substituted tetrabenzotriazaporphyrin as an active layerTejada, JAJ; Varo, PL; Cammidge, AN; Chambrier, I; Cook, MJ; Chaure, NB; Ray, AK
2020Electron charge transport in non-peripherally substituted copper phthalocyanineChaure, NB; Barard, S; Chambrier, I; Cammidge, AN; Ray, A
10-Oct-2019Evolutionary computation for parameter extraction of organic thin film transistors using newly synthesized liquid crystalline nickel phthalocyanineJiménez-Tejada, J-A; Adrián, R; González, J; Chaure, NB; Cammidge, AN; Chambrier, I; Ray, A; Deen, MJ
2011High-mobility solution-processed copper phthalocyanine-based organic field-effect transistorsChaure, NB; Cammidge, AN; Chambrier, I; Cook, MJ; Cain, MG; Murphy, CE; Pal, C; Ray, AK
17-Dec-2019Impedance spectroscopic study on hybrid phthalocyanine/lead sulphide nanocomposite filmKhozaee, Z; Chambrier, I; Sosa Vargas, L; Cammidge, AN; Ray, AK
2012In situ chemichromic studies of interactions between a lutetium bis-octaalkyl-substituted phthalocyanine and selected biological cofactorsPal, C; Cammidge, AN; Cook, MJ; Sosa-Sanchez, JL; Sharma, AK; Ray, AK
2012A liquid crystalline copper phthalocyanine derivative for high performance organic thin film transistorsChaure, NB; Pal, C; Barard, S; Kreouzis, K; Ray, AK; Cammidge, AN; Chambrier, I; Cook, MJ; Murphy, CE; Cain, MG
2018Newly Synthesised Gadolinium bis-Phthalocyanine Sandwich Complex: Ambipolar Organic SemiconductorBarard, S; Kreouzis, T; Cammidge, AN; Cook, MJ; Ray, AK
2018Organic Thin Film Transistors Using a Liquid Crystalline Palladium Phthalocyanine as Active LayerRay, AK; Jim´enez Tejada, JA; Lopez-Varo, P; Chaure, NB; Chambrier, I; Cammidge, AN; Cook, MJ; Jafari-Fini, A
2020Steady state charge conduction through solution processed liquid crystalline lanthanide bisphthalocyanine filmsPal, C; Chambrier, I; Cammidge, AN; Ray, AK; Sharma, AK
2015A tetrabenzotriazaporphyrin based organic thin film transistor: Comparison with a device of the phthalocyanine analogueChaure, NB; Cammidge, AN; Chambrier, I; Cook, MJ; Ray, AK