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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Big Data, Big Decisions: The Impact of Big Data on Board Level Decision-MakingMerendino, A; Dibb, S; Meadows, M; Quinn, L; Wilson, D; Simkin, L; Canhoto, AI
30-Jun-2020The dark side of AI-powered service interactions: exploring the process of co-destruction from the customer perspectiveCastillo, D; Canhoto, AI; Said, E
31-Jul-2021Digital strategy aligning in SMEs: A dynamic capabilities perspectiveCanhoto, AI; Quinton, S; Pera, R; Molinillo, S; Simkin, L
2017Exploring the factors that support adoption and sustained use of health and fitness wearablesCanhoto, AI; Arp, S
2015Fall and redemption: Monitoring and engaging in social media conversations during a crisisCanhoto, AI; vom Lehn, D; Kerrigan, F; Yalkin, C; Braun, M; Steinmetz, N
16-Jun-2021Improving the Retention and Progression of Learners Through Intelligent Systems for Diagnosing Metacognitive Competencies – A Case Study in UK Further EducationSamani, T; Canhoto, AI; Yoruk, E
2016Learning From Simulation Design to Develop Better Experiential Learning Initiatives: An Integrative ApproachCanhoto, AI; Murphy, J
14-Nov-2021Power negotiation on the tango dancefloor: The adoption of AI in B2B marketingKeegan, BJ; Canhoto, AI; Yen, DA
2016The role of customer management capabilities in public–private partnershipsCanhoto, AI; Meadows, M; Ball, K; Daniel, E; Dibb, S; Spiller, K
-The co-production of value in digital, university–industry R&D collaborative projectsCanhoto, AI; Quinton, S; Jackson, P; Dibb, S