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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Beauty and the Octopus: Close encounters with the other-than-humanCarbone, MB
14-Dec-2017Chronotopes of Hellenic Antiquity: The Strait of Reggio and Messina in Documents from the Grand Tour EraCarbone, MB
31-Aug-2023Dissecting Aliens, Imagining Futures. Rethinking the 1995 Roswell Autopsy Video HoaxCarbone, MB
8-Jul-2020Games and PlayersCarbone, MB; Ivanescu, A
22-Sep-2021Great Greece’s shadow: historicity, historiography, and past futures in CalabriaCarbone, MB
1-Oct-2020Il videogioco in Italia. Storie, rappresentazioni, contestiAddeo, F; Balla, G; Barra, M; Bittanti, M; Castronuovo, M; Di Giuseppe, F; Forni, D; Gandolfi, E; Girina, I; Giordano, F; Pachetti, A; Ruffino, P; Tosoni, S; Tarantino, M; Toniolo, F; Carbone, MB; Fassone, R
6-Nov-2020Introduction – Day 2: DiGRA Italia 2020, Histories in/at Play: Debates on Historical Game StudiesCarbone, MB
2017Introduction: The Other Caillois: The Many Masks of Game StudiesCarbone, MB; Ruffino, P; Massonet, S
15-Dec-2017Introduction: Towards a polyphonic approach to games and music studiesCarbone, MB; Rietveld, HB
2014Introduction: video games and subcultural theoryCarbone, MB; Ruffino, P
5-Nov-2020Introduzione. Il videogioco e l'Italia: direzioni e prospettive di studio, ricerca e produzioneCarbone, MB; Fassone, R
5-Nov-2020It's-a-me, Mario! Fenomenologia di un idraulico italicoCarbone, MB
24-May-2021ItalyGandolfi, E; Carbone, MB
5-Nov-2020L'Italia del Simulmondo. Caratteri nazionali e transnazionali dell'industria italiana del videogiocoCarbone, MB
27-Apr-2023Migrants, Refugees, Invaders: Responses to the Riace Model’s inclusive citizenship projectCarbone, MB
22-Dec-2022Olive face, Italian voice. Constructing Super Mario as an Italian-American (1981-1996)Carbone, MB
13-Dec-2021On the study of games as mediaCarbone, MB
1-Jun-2018Opening Introduction –Video Games and Gender StudiesCarbone, MB; Mariani, I
23-Sep-2021Prospettive sul Videogioco in Italia: Storie, Ambiti e Diversità / Videogames perspective in Italy: Histories, Fields and DiversityCarbone, MB; Fassone, R