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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Bond behaviour of austenitic stainless steel reinforced concreteRabi, M; Cashell, K; Shamass, R; Desnerck, P
2017Elevated temperature material behaviour of high strength steelWinful, D; Cashell, K; Afshan, S; Barnes, AM; Pargeter, RJ
2016Elevated temperature material properties of stainless steel reinforcing barGardner, L; Bu, Y; Francis, P; Baddoo, NR; Cashell, K; McCann, F
2014Experimental assessment of ferritic stainless steel composite slabsCashell, K
16-Sep-2019Experimental behaviour of stainless steel cellular beam in fireMalaska, M; Cashell, K; Alanen, M; Mela, K; Afshan, S
2020Flexural behaviour of concrete filled tubular flange girders (CFTFGs)Al-Dujele, Rana
2015High strength steel in fireWinful, DA; Cashell, K; Pargeter, RJ; Barnes, AM
2018Multiple beams Yb:fibre laser welding process for Grade 2205 duplex stainless steelBolut, Maxime
2017Nonlinear three–dimensional finite–element modelling of reinforced–concrete beams: Computational challenges and experimental validationAlfano, G; Cashell, K; Zhou, X
2018Structural fire design considerations for high strength steelWinful, Dorothy Abigail Adjoa Anoa
2010Ultimate behaviour of composite floor slabs at ambient and elevated temperatureCashell, K; Elghazouli, AY; Izzuddin, BA