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Title: Experimental assessment of ferritic stainless steel composite slabs
Authors: Cashell, K
Keywords: Structural behaviour;Ferritic stainless steel floor
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: This paper describes investigations into the structural behaviour of ferritic stainless steel floor decking in composite construction. Although commonly used in the automotive and industrial sectors, structural applications of ferritic stainless steels are rare owing to a relative lack of knowledge, performance data and design guidance. These materials display considerably better atmospheric corrosion resistance than carbon steels, as well as having good ductility, formability and excellent impact resistance. As part of a wider investigation into the use of ferritic stainless steels in structural applications, an experimental study has been undertaken to assess the viability of using these materials for the profiled decking in composite floors. The shear connection behaviour between the steel beams and the composite slab is clearly critical and this is influenced by the through-deck welding process of the shear connectors. The practicality of this welding technique is assessed and described in this paper. Furthermore, the results of a series of push tests are presented. These enable the resistance of the shear connectors to be established and compared with the strengths specified in EN 1994-1-1 for composite slabs using galvanized steel decking.
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