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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Association Between Costs Related to Productivity Loss and Modified Risk Factors Among Users of the Brazilian National Health SystemAraujo, MYC; Sarti, FM; Fernandes, RA; Monteiro, HL; Turi, BC; Anokye, N; Codogno, JS
2017Determinants of outpatient expenditure within primary care in the Brazilian National Health SystemTuri, BC; Codogno, JS; Sarti, FM; Anokye, NK; Fernandes, RA; Monteiro, HL
5-Nov-2019Impact of sports participation on incidence of bone traumatic fractures and health-care costs among adolescents: ABCD–Growth StudyLynch, KR; Anokye, NK; Vlachopoulos, D; Barbieri, FA; Turi-Lynch, BC; Codogno, JS; Agostinete, RR; Fernandes, RA
25-Aug-2023Interrelationship between arterial hypertension, health service costs, therapeutic treatment and physical activityLima dos Santos, L; Codogno, JS; Camilo Turi-Lynch, B; Araujo, MYC; Fernandes, RA; de Oliveira Gomes, GA; Crankson, S; Anokye, N
1-Jan-2020Sports Participation and Health Care Costs in Older Adults Aged 50 Years or OlderCodogno, JS; Monteiro, HL; Turi-Lynch, BC; Fernandes, RA; Pokhrel, S; Anokye, N